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Enjoy The Silence: Loop Earplugs Review

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The modern world is normally busy, active, lively and relentless. Of course, things have calmed down quite dramatically in the past year due to the global pandemic. But with homeschooling, Zoom meetings, and everyone being at home at the same time, ALL THE TIME, it’s fair to say that life at home is probably noisier than ever!

When you do get the chance to find a little bit of peace and quiet you need to take it with both hands – so when we had the chance to try out a couple of sets of noise-reducing Loop earplugs from Loop we were keen to give them a whirl.

As you can see from the boxes shown above they aren’t your average set of earplugs! These are pretty stylish in appearance, come in a range of colours and have a very distinctive loop design, as you might expect given they are the call Loop.

Loop earplugs come in two distinct formats, the Loop Quiet and the Loop Experience. The key difference between them is the amount of noise they filter out, with the Loop Experience keeping 20dB at bay whilst the Loop Quiet fend off an impressive 30dB. This makes the latter ideal to aid restful sleep, whilst the former is more geared up to concerts, events or any similarly noisy environment where concentration can be hard or hearing damage can be caused.

Fortunately I can sleep pretty much anywhere at any time, but Sarah has always struggled to nod off when there is any kind of distraction, be it light or sound. She was therefore the perfect candidate for trying out the Loop Quiet over the course of a few nights.

Long story short, she was very impressed and genuinely a bit surprised as to how effective they actually were! After taking a few minutes to get used to the sound of hearing her own breathing in the first night she quickly relaxed and managed a decent night’s sleep all throughout the few days of testing. They had a comfortable feel to them, unlike many earplugs that Sarah had tried before, and they looked pretty fun with the distinctive ring too!

The Loop earplugs come nicely packaged and have a quality look and feel to them straight out of the box.

The other interesting point about the Loop earplugs range is that they don’t block out sound as such, but rather filter it out. In this way you can still hear speech and music clearly, just a lot more quietly.

They are also designed for a tight, comfortable fit, with memory foam supplemented by soft silicone tips in three different sizes.

So for us the Loop Earplugs range covers all bases. Perfect is you need silence to help you get some sleep, but also great if you just need to take the edge off this noisy world we live in – be that caused by music, work, or even the kids…

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