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Jana Reinhardt Jewellery: Silver Penguin Pendant Necklace Review

Silver penguin pendant necklace supplied for the purpose of this review – however, all views are my own

Those that know me well will realise that I don’t personally wear a great deal of jewellery. Yes, in my late teens I was often to be found rocking a cardigan, Nirvana t-shirt and some manly metal object on a black band around my neck but fortunately those days are very much behind me!

These days it’s very much my wedding ring, on the days I remember to wear it, and nothing else. However, Sarah is definitely a fan of quality jewellery and I’ve generally found that you can’t go too far wrong at Christmas and birthday times with something classy, delicate and moderately expensive!

So whilst jewellery isn’t necessarily my own personal style, I was really happy to be sent a beautiful silver penguin pendant necklace from the excellent collection at Jana Reinhardt to review and give to Sarah for Christmas. It’s probably the prettiest item I’ve ever reviewed so let’s try to do it some justice…

Silver penguin pendant necklace

Out Of The Box

First off, it comes in a lovely presentation box, so you don’t need to worry about finding something attractive to put it in before gifting. Always a good start!

As you can see from the first photo above, the penguin itself is incredibly cute. Hard to photograph, due to its three-dimensional, highly polished appearance, but incredibly cute nonetheless…

The lovely little chap I was sent is made from 925 Sterling Silver and measures 14mm high by 11mm wide. The little guy is also available in 9ct or 18ct solid gold and platinum and they even do a really lovely rose gold variant. There is also a slightly smaller, perhaps even cuter, silver penguin pendant necklace version as shown below, here in his attractive rose gold variant:

Anyway, back to my own one and although the photos probably don’t do it justice the little chap looks amazing. He’s highly polished, small but perfectly formed and has a lovely little face. Who doesn’t love cute penguins?! His 1.2mm trace chain can be adjusted to either 16/18 inches (41/46 cm) or 20/22 inches (52/57cm) length. I’m 99.9% sure that Sarah will love it and wear it for any special occasion, so it’s a great investment.

Jana Reinhardt

Along with my love for the penguin, I also have a lot of love for Jana Reinhardt as a company. I first heard about them when my blogging buddy wrote about her hummingbird necklace and having seen it in person a couple of times I was really impressed with the quality and style.

Jana Reinhardt is an online family business run by goldsmiths Jana and Ross, and all of their jewellery, much of which is inspired by nature and features birds and animals, is hand made in the UK. Aside from the large range of lovely items on the website they can also offer a bespoke service where they can turn your doodle into a work of art! I like to support small businesses so would be more than happy to recommend these guys and to buy from them in the future.

Silver Penguin Pendant Necklace Final Thoughts

Anyway, back to my penguin, and here are a few more photos, some of which were taken by a professional. See if you can spot which ones are which…

My little silver penguin pendant necklace friend is available for £95, whilst his slightly smaller brother can be picked up for £85. There are a load of other beautiful nature-inspired items available, including matching earrings, on the website so it’s well worth a look, not just for a last-minute Christmas gift but for any upcoming celebration – or just because you appreciate good quality, beautiful jewellery!

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