Monday, July 22, 2024

Daddy Mended It!

Daddy is becoming increasingly accustomed to the requirement to mend things, most commonly because his son has become increasingly partial to trashing things.

Whether it’s train sets, or plastic roads, or block towers, or cupboard doors or any toy that is not made from one solid block of wood, they all need mending on a pretty regular basis.

However one rather important thing needed mending recently – and unfortunately I couldn’t blame Joshua for this one! The thing that needed mending was MY BLOODY BLOG!! The cause of this need for mending activity was my naive assumption that clicking the WordPress ‘update’ button would have simply updated WordPress rather than knackering it! How wrong I was.

Suddenly I realised that knowing how to ‘do’ WordPress ‘stuff’ through the admin panel wasn’t actually that useful when the admin panel refused to let you in! After a good few minutes of staring at it in the hope that I could will it back to life I realised that I may actually need to do something a bit techy, most likely involving FTP stuff. At 11pm on a Wednesday after a long day at work and having got up at 430am I really didn’t want to do anything techy involving FTP stuff.

A quick gander at my hosting company’s website indicated I may need to use the real-time chat facility to get this mended. I’m not a massive fan of having techy real-time chats with strangers in a different country in the middle of the night but I’m also not a fan of things being broken. So real-time chat I did. Or rather, after ten minutes in a virtual queue I real-time chatted to someone.

It went something like this:


Me – lengthy explanation of issue

Stranger – some shitty stock answer

Me – So, can you fix it please?

Stranger – unfortunately we have a strictly regulated break policy so I’ll have to pass you to someone else

Me – I see

Stranger – disappears for a coffee and cake (probably)

Me – (after 5 minutes) Is anyone there?

Other Stranger

Me – (after a further 10 minutes) Helloooooooooooo

Other Stranger

Me – balls (thought rather than typed)


No idea why I hate real-time chatting with strangers…

Anyway, long story short I tried again last night after work and despite a 30 minute virtual queue the nice stranger that finally answered fixed it within a few minutes. It was ‘an error with the cache’ apparently! I knew that really. Honestly.

So now I’m back in (clearly) and all is well with the world! So well in fact that I’m in a contender in the UK Blog Awards 2017. When I say ‘contender’ I mean that you can physically vote for me, rather than that I have any chance of collecting a trophy / medal / flowers but it’s quite fun to be in the mix.

If you want to vote for me and my blog please click on the image below, which will take you to my voting page I think. If I win I will give a speech about world peace and badgers and drink Prosecco from a shoe.



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6 thoughts on “Daddy Mended It!

  • I have done this very thing. My WordPress said it needed updating so I clicked “update”, thinking that it would be the appropriate thing to do (idiot!). I broke the internet. When I do that the hub (IT geek) instructs me to step away from the laptop and then he comes home and does some geeky witchcraft and somehow fixes it. Without him I would struggle to log on most days. #chucklemums
    ps. Voted for you.
    pps. I’m holding you to the badgers / shoe thing. 😉

    • It is definitely a minefield! Everything in WP appears easy until it breaks and then you’re left staring at it thinking ‘balls’! Thanks for the vote Dawn. You are a love!

  • Oh I am terrified of anything techy. I am still recovering from the trauma that was going self-hosted six months ago. I don’t dare update WordPress!
    Thanks for supporting #chucklemums

    • Give it a few months and I’m sure your doodles will be rendered in CGI and you’ll have nailed the techie stuff! Thanks for hosting 😘

  • Yaaay! You bossed that cache error James. Nowt to do with nice stranger, probably called Simon. Tech errors scare the shit out of me – the first week I hosted Chucklemums, I’d only just gone self hosted and I had a major bandwidth related heart attack. Anyway, I voted for you t’other day (and in case Mumzilla reads this, I voted for you too off a different email address). I hope you win (and in case Mumzilla reads this, er, I hope you win too). Thank you for linking up to the last #Chucklemums, it’s been a blast! Look out for a possible reincarnation next year…

    • Thanks for the vote Sam! Although it is probably akin to voting Green at the general election in terms of likelihood of influencing the overall outcome 😂😂 I’ve loved chucklemums – don’t be a stranger!

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