Monday, July 22, 2024

BlogOnX: Relax & Enjoy!

Last September I went to my first ever BlogOn up in Manchester – I even wrote all about it here if you want a nosey at how I got on!

For my first ever BlogOn it was a fairly stressful experience in parts, due wholly to the fact I had been asked to do a comedy keynote speech to kick off the conference!

I’ll be completely honest – speeches are not really my forte. In fact, the thought of giving a speech in front of 200 strangers is pretty much top of the list of things I’d run away from.

But I did it.

And it went well. People clapped and laughed in all the right places and everything!

And I’m glad I did it.

This year there is no speech requirement, so the whole event takes on a completely different vibe for me! This year I can happily have a few drinks, meet a few people and just have a great time learning from other bloggers and catching up with some friends, without worrying that I’m going to fall flat on my arse!

For those that haven’t been to BlogOn before it’s a great event, full of friendly (albeit a bit shy!) folks, loads of sessions to learn from, lots of brands to meet and lots of chances to win things in the massive raffle. And the goody bags are pretty epic, both in size and contents!

So if you’re heading to BlogOn next week be sure to say hi! You’ll love it. Just make sure you bring a massive suitcase and lots of money to splurge on raffle tickets!

See you at the launch party…

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