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Down with the lazy Facebook e-vite: Try Basic Invite instead!

These days it seems to be the done thing when holding a party to invite people over Facebook or by email.

It’s cheaper than buying and posting out individual invitations (a stamp now costs 60p for goodness’ sake!) and of course you can do it with one press of a button so it’s pretty light on effort too, but if you actually want people to show up then you should really think about sending out real invitations instead.

An entirely fictitious survey we didn’t actual conduct found that eight out of ten people invited to an event via Facebook will pretend they haven’t seen it and the others genuinely won’t have. With that fabricated statistic in mind, it’s definitely worth considering your options, and there are plenty of companies out there who can help make sure that your celebration goes with a bang, and doesn’t fizzle out.


One such company are Basic Invite.

Basic Invite can help you create amazing birthday, unique wedding and cute graduation party invitations based around your own colour scheme with over 180 colour options and over 40 different coloured envelopes available, so you can make your invites exactly as you want them.

You can even order one copy of your birthday party invite or thank you card for graduation first, to proof read it and check the quality of the paper and colours before ordering the rest of the copies, which will save you from making costly mistakes.

Creating eye-catching e cards is also another great idea. There is even a handy service for capturing addresses so that you can share a link on your social media (for the Facebook addicted, you don’t have to stay away completely!) and ask your friends to fill it in. They will be stored within your account so they can receive their Christmas cards directly – they are printed on the envelopes free of charge!

So whether your next big shindig is a Bar Mitzvah or a baby shower, or you’re looking for graduation cards 2018 is the year that you want to say no to the Facebook invite and embrace the real paper invitation instead!

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