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Author Issues Warning Over Insufficient Warning Signs

The author of a book titled ‘Warning Signs For Dummies’ talks to us about the explosion of warning signs in today’s society, but leaves us with his own stark warning that no amount of warning signs will ever prevent stupid people from doing stupid things.

When asked about the concept behind his book the author, Warne Warner, told us that ‘Throughout history people have done stupid things, but in the last few years there have been so many warning signs erected that people have actually become MORE STUPID. Lately, people cannot do even the most basic of things without being warned of the potential consequences.’

Warne uses the book to suggest improvements to some of the existing signs seen in the UK. Some examples from the book are:

A hot chocolate container with the warning ‘Caution – Contents may be hot’ Warne suggests for clarity that the warning should also say ‘May contain chocolate’

A sign in a toilet that states ‘Please flush after using toilet’ – Here Warne suggests it would also be worth a further sign stating ‘Don’t forget to wipe your arse’

A bag of peanuts with the warning ‘May contains nuts’ – For emphasis Warne suggests it should go on to say ‘so if you are allergic to nuts it’s probably best to avoid’

A McDonald’s box of Chicken Nuggets with the warning ‘May contain chicken’ – here Warne suggests that this sign was actually pointless as there is such a negligible chance that you would find chicken in a Chicken Nugget.

Aside from those signs already in existence, we surveyed shoppers in retail giant ‘The 99p Store’ to see what other warning signs would help them lead an easier, less dangerous life.

One shopper, Connor B Levitt, told us ‘sometimes when driving I forget which side of the road I should be on – this could be easily solved if the council put up a sign saying ‘keep right’ on all roads. I also accidently burnt myself once when I got in the bath as I had forgotten to put any cold water in. They should really colour hot water red when it comes out of the tap so you know it’s hot’.

Another shopper, Eileen Dover, said ‘last year I got a nasty electric shock when I put two metal forks into a plug socket to see what would happen. This could have been prevented if the holes on plug sockets were permanently covered over so you couldn’t put anything in them. Or if all forks were made from plastic. I blame that junky bloke who owns the EC. He doesn’t let us have bendy bananas but still lets us have dangerous electric sockets in our houses. That’s why I voted IN because I want bendy bananas IN the shop’.

Ellen, subject to a pregnancy scare last year, having already dragged up 7 children, suggested that someone should also ‘label penises to make it clear that they may contain babies’, although we THINK she may have been joking.

What is clear from ‘Warning Signs For Dummies’ is that some people need that little extra help to get through their daily lives unscathed and that this trend is set to continue.

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28 thoughts on “Author Issues Warning Over Insufficient Warning Signs

  • As a Health and Safety Manager I come across a lot of this and it is mind boggling. It’s amazing how stupid people can be. The people that wonder why deer crossings have been put in such high traffic zones for example. It’s amazing they make it through each day! Thanks for the chuckle. #BloggerClubUK

    • I guess dumb people are there to make us feel better about ourselves!! Fair play to you for keeping people healthy and safe!

  • Well done for keeping us all healthy and safe great post #bloggerclubuk

  • Health and Safety gone mad, eh?
    Although I agree that Macdonalds chicken nuggets only might contain chicken lol

    • At least they’re better these days – when I was a boy you had no clue what the brown meat-like thing was inside the batter!! Thanks for reading!

  • It’s labelling and health and safety gone mad. Mayo.. contains egg. No shit sherlock! #effitfriday

    • It’s like warning that the Internet may contain weirdos!!

  • ‘label penises to make it clear that they may contain babies’ – ha ha ha!
    Warning signs can be really annoying – I especially hate the homemade ones you often see in the workplace or in cafes etc, usually with typos or apostrophes in the wrong place….

    • If you can’t correctly use an apostrophe you should be banned from any involvement in sign production!! And the Internet!!

  • we’re not doing ourselves any favors as a society with these signs. In the old days these people would weed themselves out before they could reach voting age #effitfridays

    • Survival of the fittest and all that!! I don’t know how some people make it through the door every morning!!

  • Mouse, Moo and Me Too

    Can I extend this beyond toddlers to include ridiculous “serving suggestions” on food packaging. I had a bottle of water that depicted the water being drunk from a glass, labelled “serving suggestion”. Ridic. Thanks for linking up again with #effitfriday and well done for last week’s win!

    • Thankyou kindly!! To be fair you could serve water straight from the bottle or thrown at a friend. A glass is probably the most sensible, but…

  • It does laugh with some of the warnings that are so blatantly obvious but I suppose the amount of people sueing that they protecting themselves X #effitFriday

    • Oh yes where there’s blame there’s a claim!! Thanks for commenting!

  • I guess this goes along side political correctness gone too far. I do like your ‘nappy’ warning though!
    Amanda. #kcacols

  • Great post, I quite frequently have a chuckle over daft warning signs – but I will admit that sometimes, I’ve done totally stupid things despite the warning signs being there! You really can’t account for stupidity haha! #KCACOLS

    • This is true!! It’s almost a challenge sometimes to defy the signage!!

  • A little different but I like the Herbal Essences advert that warns you not to shampoo your eyes!


  • The peanut one is my favourite, I should there is peanuts in my bag of peanuts! #kcacols

  • This post is funny and it has inspired some top quality comments too. I am going to keep my eyes peeled for idiotic warning signs more often in future 🙂
    x Alice

  • Haha! Love a warning sign! I do agree we are safe from needing to label chicken nuggets as containing chicken though. My favourite signs are the ‘This door must be kept closed at all times’ signs. A wall. A wall was what you were looking for there, not a door. #KCACOLS

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