Thursday, May 23, 2024

4 of the Best European Travel Destinations

Being able to travel with your family can feel like something that many people dread. But if you don’t plan too far off, and stick to travel in Europe, then you really can have an enjoyable time as a family, but do not have the stress of being too far away from home. Where are the best places to visit with a family, though? Here are some of the top places that are all not too far from the UK, and have plenty to offer a young family. Have you ever been to one of these places before?


Algarve, Portugal

One of the best regions of Portugal is the Algarve, down in the south. It has a sunny climate all year round, without crazy temperatures, so it makes it a good place to visit with little ones. It is great for families as there are some stunning golden beaches, clear waters, and hidden coves and caves. It is only a short flight from the UK, and offers plenty of things, like boat trips, and dolphin spotting.

Athens, Greece

If you are a family that prefers a little less beach and a little more exploring, then it is never too early to get to the exploring of some ancient history. You could head over to Athens for a great family holiday, with some all-day trips, cruises, and enjoying plenty of cultural activities. Visiting the Acropolis and the Parthenon are the most famous things to visit, as well as enjoying the sunshine, so why not treat yourself to a bit of a dream holiday for your family in Athens.

Barcelona, Spain

If you want to take your children on a trip, then Barcelona can be a great place to discover treasures and find some great little spots (not to mention the great food and weather). Some of the best things for families are visiting the Sagrada Famillia or the theme park Port Aventura. There are beaches, as well as city tours. Plus, you will be spoilt for choice with a number of hotels, and your choice of holiday homes. An Airbnb management service in Barcelona will also be something that gives you plenty of choices of places to stay too, which can always help with families for a home from home experience.

Brittany, France

If you want to travel to the country closest to us, but that still feels far enough away that you get the good weather, then France is a must. It is only a ferry ride away, as having your own car with you can be handy with little ones. You can enjoy fresh air, and walks along the top-ranked French beaches. The city of Dinard is a good choice for a relaxing, and nearby Quimper is the spot for the best macaroons and some typical French cuisine. There are plenty of things going on the area, so there will be something to suit your family. It can be a good spot for an outdoor adventure too, so if your children are older and something like cycling appeals to you all, then it can be a great place for an outdoor holiday. 

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