Monday, July 22, 2024

5 Magical Cures for Kids Who Are Obsessed With Screens!

Every parent can relate to the struggle of prying the phone or tablet screen away from their whining little one. From a young age children are becoming more and more exposed to technology, which doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. Computers and mobile phones can come in very useful when you want your child to get involved in an interactive or educational game. However, these gizmos and gadgets are starting to become more and more addictive to our youngsters. Whether you’re trying to encourage outdoor play or you simply want them to stop grabbing for your phone every five minutes, here are some magical cures that might just help your screen obsessed child.


1.Fantastic Food

All of us like to indulge in the occasional chocolate bar or Chinese takeaway, but how does it really make you feel afterwards? These types of foods can make you feel tired, slow and lethargic; the same goes for children too. Filling them up on fresh fruit, vegetables and home cooked meals will encourage to move more and rely on the screen less. Look into the information from the Perinatal Society and you will soon see how nutrition plays a vital role in our children’s health in the first days of their life.

2. Brilliant Boundaries 

When your child understands the boundaries of screen time, it will become a much easier habit to manage. You could set a time limit or only allow them to use electronics after they have done their chores or homework. Stay consistent with your boundaries and they will soon learn the rules of the household.

3. Excellent Encouragement 

Encourage your children to play educational games and watch programmes that aren’t completely mind numbing. This will show them that technology can be beneficial to them, rather than it being a constant source of negativity in the home.

4. Exquisite Examples

Set a good example for your little ones by enjoying time away from your own screen too! Sometimes one rule for you and another rule for them doesn’t always work, so make sure you are practicing good habits around technology as well.

5. Perfect Priorities 

You might want to show your kids how you get your boring tasks done before you treat yourself to something you love. When your child can start to understand the basic concept of prioritising, they will figure out that it is best to save screen time as a treat.

Don’t beat yourself up if your child is still consistently reaching for their beloved screen of choice. Kids nowadays have been brought up with these things around them, so it’s only natural that they are a little bit inquisitive. All you need to do is show them the other wonderful things in life. They are much more likely to be active and outgoing if you nourish them with the correct foods and teach them the importance of boundaries. You don’t need to instill strict rules upon your little ones, but you can encourage them to make healthier choices in their everyday life.

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