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YHTL Weekly Highlights – 3 to 9 Apr 2017

It’s been another week of ups and downs in the real world but in YHTL land every day has been a dream come true – as always! This is perhaps most true if your dreams revolve around reading amusing parenting stories.

If your dreams revolve around lottery wins or shacking up with hot celebrities then admittedly the past 7 days on here probably haven’t really floated your boat. So here are a couple of pictures of hot celebrities for you by means of an apology:

That bloke off CBeebies.

That one from Family Guy.

Enough tomfoolery and on with the matter in hand. Allez!


What better way to start the week than with an interview with one of the top five Irish dad bloggers that I can immediately think of?! It’s Benny from Daddy Poppins and it’s really quite funny. You’d be KRAZY not to read it.


Today’s post was amusing and informative in equal measures and came via the funniest blogger from the Cayman Islands that I can think of – Teeny Tiny Toddlers! It was all about the 50 (yes, count them!) steps to get your little one ready in the morning!



It may have been half way through the week but today’s featured post definitely wasn’t half arsed. It was fully arsed and came courtesy of me – a cautionary tale of getting sucked into supermarket offers! It didn’t contain any facts – obvs – but I thought it was pretty funny, considering the author.


Today was a lot like Christmas Day – there was no post and I drank some alcohol. But there was a chance via #YHTLchat to submit awesome parenting-themed song ideas for our super-awesome YHTL MIXTAPE! We even made a graphic. LOOK AT THE GRAPHIC!!

However, considering the dearth of responses it’s more like an EP rather than a proper mixtape. Hey ho. Here are the suggestions we had displayed through the medium of a track listing.

Track 1 – Life Of Riley – The Lightning Seeds (courtesy of @ArthurJenny)

Track 2 – Help! – The Beatles (courtesy of @alifejustordinary)

Track 3 – Living On A Prayer – Bon Jovi (courtesy of @whingewhinewine)

Track 4 – I’m Going Slightly Mad – Queen (courtesy of @rhymingwithwine)

Track 5 – Bonkers – Dizzee Rascal (courtesy of @colleyswobbles)

Track 6 – Stay Awake – Example (courtesy of @colleyswobbles)

We also shared the awesome bit of marital banter involving head shaving:


Friday was going to be #fishyFriday but after a brief 7 hour search of the internet it transpires that 99% of fish jokes really aren’t that funny. Who’d have known?!

Instead we brought you another lined-paper masterpiece from the fantastic Beta Mummy about the vile time of day that is pre-6am. Nothing good happens before 6am.

We also brought you this little piece of magic. It’s more of a snigger than a big belly laugh but it’s better than nowt.


Last post of the week came courtesy of Everyone’s Buck Stops Here and was all about the many things that parents repeat 100s of times every day – with absolutely no success!

And that’s all she wrote, dear reader.

But there’ll be more next week. A whole lot more. So, so much more.

Join us.



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