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YHTL Weekly Highlights – 19 to 25 Jun 2017

Like a particularly stealthy tiger sneaking particularly stealthily through incredibly dense undergrowth towards a blind and deaf deer, Sunday has crept up on us once again, dear readers. I say ‘readers’ in the plural form more out of optimism than belief, but if someone out there is reading this, then you really are very welcome. As welcome, you might say, as a stiff drink after your little one’s bedtime – something which I am currently partaking in whilst writing this drivel.

There have been rumours flying around that we may be completely changing the format of our weekly reviews. I have heard talk of starting them on Sundays, or Wednesdays – one crazy cat even said Fridays. But I can exclusively reveal that there will be no changes to this glorious weekly smorgasbord of joy. Why, oh why, would anyone choose to start their weekly review on a Friday when you could continue to start it on a…


I feel there should probably have been a question mark in there somewhere, but let’s quickly scoot past that grammatical minefield and see what happened in YHTLland on Monday. And yes, YHTLland is a real place. It’s on maps and shit.

The answer to the question as to what happened on Monday on here could be summed up in two words. But due to my need for unnecessary verbosity I will instead go for the traditional answer of ‘half of shit all’. Shit sounds more acceptable than ‘fuck’ anyway, doesn’t it? I actually get quite put off by blogs that use the word ‘fuck’ too often.

Anyway, I digress. Monday is usually our comedy interview day, but we appear to have already interviewed everyone who thinks they are funny. Or everyone that thinks they are funny and actually has spare time to answer our silly questions. I could pretend each week to be a fictional blogging mum or dad, but that would be frankly quite creepy.

We did share a joke with you all on Monday, so it wasn’t all bad. Although the joke itself was pretty bad, so yeah Monday was a bit of a write off.


It was surely better than Monday, right? Yes, yes it was! Phew!

Today we had a featured post from Fun With 1 + 1 all about motherhood confessions. All parents have things that they wouldn’t necessarily admit to doing at home whilst chatting to their friends and family, but when it comes to bloggers that rule generally goes out of the window! Have a click below and see how many of these confessions you can relate to!

We also shared this on Facebook, but got so excited about doing so that we claimed it was an email address when in reality it was a website address. It was still funny though, and came courtesy of Raising Moonbows!


Yes, yes, yes it was another good day today as we had The Tantrum Times pop by to entertain us with a post about taking a potty training toddler to the beach. Potentially it might sound like a good idea in advance. After all, what’s the worst that could happen? Find out here…

Today we also shared Franny Franster’s super duper Summer meme. She really is the queen of the meme.


At least with Thursday’s we don’t expect to have anything particularly thrilling happen on the website, so when this Thursday arrived with as much excitement as a turkey seeing father Christmas hovering above his barn, it wasn’t a massive surprise.

In order to fill the gap, why not have a read all about my newly finished extension?! It’s quite funny in parts and there’s some pretty pictures…


Back to the big time today with a post about everyone’s favourite subject – vomiting! But don’t worry dear readers because it’s really, really funny and contains the word ‘sparkles’ many, many, many times. Please have a read – it’s brill! It was by Me, Annie Bee, by the way!


To follow up on the vomit post from yesterday, what more natural progression than a post about excrement by OMG It’s A Girl? Eating excrement, no less!

But it was accidental.

And it was very funny.

See for yourself – it’s literally just one click away!


And here we are. Not a bad week in the end, I’m sure you’ll agree. I’m away on holiday again next week, so Fran is in charge of the awesomeness for the next few days. It’s almost guaranteed to mean that page views will go up, contributors will be flocking and people will be throwing cash at us like a night at a Chippendles show. So have an awesome week, and I’ll see you on the other side.

For now though, one last impassioned plea to send us your funny stuff, new or old, so we can put it on the site and PLEEEEEAAAAAASSSSSSEEEEEEEE do let us know if you fancy being interviewed because we’d love to have you!

L to the Z.


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