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YHTL Weekly Highlights – 17 to 23 Apr 2017

Remember when Sunday used to be a day of rest, when all the shops were closed and everyone just sat around drinking booze and eating dry chicken and squishy veg?

Well there’s never a day off here at You Have To Laugh, because we know that our local group of 7 readers would have an empty space in their humour holes if we were to miss a day of comedic prowess.

Sunday is where we look back on the week just gone and I give the illusion that I’m painstakingly picking out some highlights when in reality I’m just rehashing literally everything we’ve done in the past few days to make it look good.

We call it YHTL Weekly Highlights and it always starts with:


Monday is to Sunday what an uncomfortable bike saddle is to a nice leisurely ride through the countryside. A little irritating, likely to be a bumpy ride and ultimately leaving a massive pain in the arse.

But we always ease the pain in your metaphorical buttocks with our weekly comedy interview series, ‘So You Think You’re Funny?‘. This week we featured the properly, professionally (like actually gets paid for it and stuff!) funny Cookie from notaneffingfairytale! As you might expect, it was a good one. And as you might also expect, you can read it by clicking on the picture below.


Tuesday was by no means snoozeday this week as we had an excellent post from Pass The Wine Please to keep us entertained. It was all about baby showers and more particularly how your views of the perfect gift change when you are an actual parent!


Halfway-to-happiness day was celebrated by a terribly useful guide to eating out with small people by the very funny Bell From Bow. If you’re planning to venture out into the big wide world for a bite to eat you might want to read this one!


We don’t have featured posts on Thursdays unless I get the urge to write something ridiculous and pretend it’s real. Given I did indeed have such an urge this week why not humour me by giving it a little read? It’s about Fireman Sam – how bad could it be?!

We lowered the difficulty levels for our weekly #YHTLchat this week with the following:


Today we turned Friday into Fri-Yay with our first crowdsourced post about the many and varied embarrassing things that little people do in the most awkward of circumstances! Fran wrote it, so it’ll probably win an award at some stage. Read it now while it’s still ‘niche’!

Kids Are Embarrassing And Here's The Proof


Saturday was by no means ‘old-hat-urday’ this week as we popped in an excellent, if slightly itch-inducing, post from Life, Love & Dirty Dishes about the joy of nits.

And that was it really. It might not have been as action-packed as last week but it was infinitely better than a kick in the balls.

Maybe that can be our new tagline.

Find out next week when we’ll bring you another exciting installment of our weekly highlights. As eagerly anticipated as a case of the clap. But less itchy.

I’m full of new potential taglines today. Really should have gone into marketing…

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