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YHTL Weekly Highlights – 13 to 19 Mar 2017

Love and marriage may indeed go together like a horse and carriage but, more importantly, Sundays go together just as swimmingly with a YHTL Weekly Highlights package – it’s just that no one has written a song about it yet!

So with today being Sunday let’s take a short trip down memory lane and see what has been happening over the past 7 days. It’s like a month of mirth packed into a cuddly little bundle of weekly joy. On with the show methinks…


We love a good comedy interview and this week was no exception as Suzanne from ‘and another ten things’ popped in for some virtual tea and biscuits and a chat about her life and loves. Here is that chat in written form…


We whipped out our comedy wand on Tuesday courtesy of a featured post from Bad Dadu all about the stresses of a day at soft play!


Frenchie Mummy was our guest on Wednesday with her post about the annoying things that our other halves do that makes you want to throttle them!


Today was all about the social with our weekly #YHTLchat on Twitter and Facebook. Here’s our question and some of the funniest answers.


As the weekend approached we went Beauty And The Beast crazy with an awesome parenting parody by Colley’s Wobbles which had us all singing along. It just so happened that some big budget film involving a big hairy chap also came out today – how serendipitous, eh?!


Last but not least for this week was a post about the terror of meeting other new mums for the first time with your new little person by Pass The Prosecco Please.

Next Week

New on the website tomorrow is another nugget of comedy interview gold, as the lovely Dawn from Rhyming With Wine joins us on our virtual sofa. After that the rest of the week brings us another stack of featured posts, some ‘top drawer’ jokes, more chat and more funny stuff than you can shake a stick at. So if you need a chuckle you know where to come!

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