Thursday, June 20, 2024

Fed up of cleaning? Use Bidvine!

I’m fed up of cleaning.

The kids make a huge mess. Every day. They ignore my protests and get out Every. Single. Toy and they never put them away no matter what kind of bribe I offer or what kind of exciting tidy up song I sing. There are crumbs and yogurt everywhere, the bathroom often has wee on the floor. Don’t talk to me about the state of the toilet. On an average day I spend longer tidying the house than I do on any other activity, and it always looks messy anyway. I’m sick of it.

Something has to give. Aside from sucking it up, I have two choices: Live in squalor or get a cleaner. The latter is preferable, I have to admit.

But how do you go about finding one? I’ve never had a cleaner. I don’t know how to contact them or what I should expect to pay.

That’s where Bidvine comes in.

Bidvine make it easy to find the right professional for you; you can use the Bidvine Website to find any service from pre-natal yoga to wallpaper removal (but not strippers, I checked…out of interest).

You select the kind of service you’re after, fill in a few details and Bidvine do the rest; before you know it, you will be emailed bids and you can make a choice.

BidvineHere’s how it went…

I tried Bidvine on my mobile, and found the site really easy to use. First of all, I filled in postcode and searched for cleaning services. Next, I had to answer just a few quick questions about the number of rooms, how often I wanted the house cleaned, what kind of cleaning (regular, one-off or a move out clean), and select any additional services including fridge and oven cleans; I would LOVE an oven clean. I had to tell them whether there were pets on the property (this is not the job for someone with a dog allergy!) and then finally my availability to allow the professionals to put an accurate bid together. It was really quick and easy; much quicker than putting out a call on a Facebook site and calling lots of people, which is how I would have gone about it.

You don’t even have to spend ages signing up as you can log in via Facebook or Google.

Why not have a go? Make life easier and outsource something!

Now I just have to get the clutter off the surfaces and we’re good to go…

Check out the Bidvine website, they even have a mobile app you can download!

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