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Name A Star: Star-Name-Registry Extra Bright Star Gift Set Review

Gifted for review

Sometimes it can be tricky finding gifts for friends and family that are a little bit different. Especially when you’ve been buying gifts for that person for many, many years and they pretty much have everything already!

So when I was given the chance to review a Bright Star Gift Package from Star-Name-Registry I thought it would be well worth a look!

The ability to name a star has been around for a few years now and lots of people choose to name a star after family members to give a lasting memory. And whilst, of course, naming a star doesn’t give you any rights or ownership of that star it’s still a fun and sentimental thing to do and makes for a nice gift and a cool talking point.

Star Name Registry offer a few different naming options ranging from naming a standard star for £14.99 all the way up to a Binary Star Gift Set for two names (good for weddings and anniversaries!) for £69.99.

The package I received was the Extra Bright Star Gift Set which retails at £44.99. For this you get to name a star that’s more easily visible and can also set a memorable date to accompany the name. I went for our son’s name and his date of birth, just because it seemed like a nice thing to do and will be a cool thing to pop on his bedroom wall given he loves all things space!

It arrived in a nice presentation box containing a framed certificate of your star name and some background information to help spark interest in stargazing.

name a star

It also tells you how you can view your star using Google Sky and how you can search for your star’s naming information in the registry. The certificate itself is the only bit that is personalised but it does look the part with a silver seal at the bottom.

The gift set does, as you would hope from the name, makes a nice gift, but for £20 less you can get all the same products except the gift box and frame. So if you’re looking for something a bit more affordable and already have an A4 frame at home then it’s definitely worth checking out the non-gift set version.

All in all I was happy with the gift set and hopefully it’s something that might help keep Joshua’s interest in space going in the future

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