Saturday, April 20, 2024

Write Club Challenge Six

Same Sh*t, Different Location: Going On Holiday With The Kids



If we took a holiday, took some time to celebrate. Just one day out of life, it would be, it would be so nice.

Just one day, Madonna? For a holiday? Bollocks to that – by the time you get there it would be time to come home again! Ain’t nobody got time for that shit. 

Anyway, ludicrous holiday duration issues aside, Madonna was also clearly not thinking about taking kids away with her. Because holidays with the sproglets aren’t always a walk in the park. 

Unless of course your holiday literally involves walking in a park. But that’s more of a day out than a holiday in my book. 

Where did you go on holiday, Sharon?’

Oh, just to the park, babes.’

‘The park? Sounds amazing. What did you do there?’

Mainly stepping over dog shit, avoiding eye contact with copulating teenagers and tripping over drunks.’

Oh. Lovely. You must show me the photos

Anyway. It feels like I’m digressing. 

This post is to introduce Write Club Challenge Six. An occasional series that many people have described as (the) shit.

This time around we’re looking at holidays with the kiddiwinks. The magic of the plane / car / bus ride. The relaxation time. Where your kids behave impeccably, you get to eat and drink as much as you want to and everyone is blissfully happy.

I jest, of course. Sometimes holidays can be an absolute shitshow. It’s almost as though your kids are just as tricky as they are at home, but are also sunburnt, overtired and dosed up on shed loads of sugar. 

Same shit, different location, if you will.

So your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to write a humorous post all about holidays with the kids by the end of Thursday 30th May. Amusingly this is the day I return from my own family holiday to the lovely Ibiza – although the only club we will be getting anywhere near starts with the word ‘Kids’. Magical.

You then need to post your link into our Facebook Page, and ideally include a link to all the other competitors. There is no winner because, dear reader, literally everyone wins.

You also need to include this badge within your post so your readers can find this page and read all the other posts.

Happy holidays everyone…

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