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Write Club: Challenge One

All Trick No Treat: Halloween Pre & Post Kids

What a time to be alive. 

When you become grandparents and your adorable little ones’ adorable little ones are sitting on your knee asking you to tell them a story you can now lead with this.

I was there for the first ever Write Club Challenge back in 2018.

You may have a few sticky Werther’s Originals in your pocket but your grandchildren won’t care about them. All they’ll care about is your memories of Write Club. 

Being here today will raise you to hero status in years to come. 

Just let that sink in for a moment. Feels good doesn’t it?

Now let the wonder wash over you as I reveal the first ever challenge. You may have guessed it from the heading above, but if not it’s this:

All Trick No Treat: Halloween Pre & Post Kids

James – Write Club founder & legend

If you fancy writing about this seasonally stunning topic you have until 24th October 2018 to pen your thoughts on your own blog. Then simply send us the link via our Write Club Facebook group and we’ll share it below so that the other challengers, nay, THE WORLD can see your work of art.

In the spirit of half-inching stuff from Fight Club, here are the rules:

At the end of your post just add this badge in your HTML to lead people back to the main Write Club page so they can enjoy all the other posts.

So take your internet-connected device in your hand, get in the zone, grab an alcoholic beverage and virtually pen a work of genius.

Your future status as a hero depends on it.

The legends that took place this time were:

Me, Annie Bee,

The Incidental Parent,

A Life Just Ordinary,

The Mum Conundrum

Tonic & Tiaras and

Mom Of Two Little Girls.

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