Monday, May 27, 2024

Write Club Challenge Four

10 Things I Wish I’d Known BC (Before Children)

Now that 2018 is well and truly behind us and 2019 has already pounced on us like a rather miffed, and somewhat angry, rabid dog, it’s time for another Write Club challenge!

It’s literally the moment that everyone has been waiting for.

This time around we’re looking back to our pre-child lives. Days spent complaining that we had to get up pre-9am during the week to go to work. Or whining that our social lives were going downhill because we could only afford to go out twice a week. Or that it was soooooo annoying to go on holiday and find other people’s children racing around the gaff and disrupting your 7th Strawberry Daquiri around the pool.

They surely were tough times.

But as you look back to these younger, more care free, days with a nostalgic, rose-tinted glance, what ten things do you wish you’d have known about the impending awesomeness / shitshow that bringing a child into your family would bring?

That is what this week’s challenge is all about, so pick up your (virtual) pens, grab your (virtual) notebook and produce the kind of literary masterpiece that your future grandchildren will look back on with a mixture of pride and wonderment.

All we ask is that you make it amusing, pop your finished link in our Facebook Group by Sunday 10th Feb 2019 and add the following link at the end of your post to help spread the love to your fellow literary geniuses.

If you can also link to some, or all, of the other participants’ posts within your own post that would be super awesome. Sharing is caring after all.

*cough (and it’s good for DA) cough*

Happy writing, fellow Write Clubbers. 

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