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What Will Help Your Baby To Sleep?

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You can’t have everything in life. If you want to bring a little bundle of joy into this world, then you’ll need to accept that the idea of getting a full night’s sleep might have to become a distant memory for a little while. Many new parents say that they’ve never been as tired as they were during the first few months of parenthood. The good news is that you’re not completely at the mercy of your baby’s sleeping whims. There are things you can do that’ll make it more likely that they reach the land of nod. In this blog, we’ll run through some useful tips that’ll help your baby to sleep.

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A Calm Atmosphere

Your baby may be able to sleep in any and all conditions, but why wait to see if that’s the case? When you’re at home, you’ll have the capacity to create an ideal sleeping environment for your baby. If you’ve got a space that is calm, quiet, and all-around set up for many hours of sleep, then you’ll be on the right path. A simple way to check that you’ve got it right is to look around at your baby’s environment. Is there anything that might disturb them?

Parent Reassurance 

Your baby will want to have you near. Indeed, this is one of the leading causes of nighttime mayhem; they just want to know that their primary caregiver is close to them. So why not ensure that this is the case? If you invest in a bedside crib, your baby will be right next to you, which will help to give you and them peace of mind. It can also facilitate easy nighttime feedings, which will help your baby (and you!) to sleep even more. 

Regular Routine

Sleep researchers have long known that having a regular sleep routine can help adults to sleep better. And new research has shown that it can also help babies to sleep better, too. One large scale study found that babies that had a stable bedtime routine slept better and for longer than those that didn’t — and they also cried out less often, too. So you can go a long way towards helping your baby to sleep by figuring out a solid pre-sleep routine. Once you’ve got the routine, be sure to stick to it every night. 

Be Mindful of Day Sleeping

Your baby is, of course, going to sleep during the day. But if they’re sleeping too much, then you can’t be all that surprised if they’re not sleeping through the night. Why would they? They won’t be tired! If your baby is sleeping for more than 2.5 hours at a time during the day, it’s probably best to wake them up. 

Add A White Noise Machine

Finally, if all else fails, look at adding a white noise machine to your baby’s sleeping environment. It mimics the sound of being in the womb, which will help them to feel safe and relaxed, which are the ideal sleeping conditions!

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