Thursday, May 23, 2024

We’re all going on a Summer holiday

Once upon a time, in a life far, far away there was a young woman who worked and worked in order to go on holiday but once a year.

In days gone by I would look forward to my yearly two week break to whatever summer destination beckoned. Accompanied by either a boyfriend, friend or sometimes both. We would count down the days before we could jet off to sunnier climes. 

In the days before the internet (yes, I am THAT old) we would go to the travel agents and grab armfuls of holiday brochures.

Pouring over the photos of beautiful beaches, only to be brought back down to earth with a bump and the reality of our budget.

We would go back to said travel agent and see what the best deal they could offer. Luckily in those days we could go off peak. This had two benefits one – it was cheaper, 2 – there were no kids around.

We would pack our suitcases full to the brim, they were almost ALWAYS overweight

We would bring sun cream and my mum would insist I take something vegetarian in case they didn’t cater for the likes of me in Greece…

In the old days you could take whatever sized toiletries you liked in your hand luggage. 

The day would come, you would have a poor friend pick you up fro your house at 4am and do the trek to Gatwick. They’d drop you off with a quick toot toot and  speed off back home to their bed for half an hour.

After security you would mooch about the shop and buy exotic cosmetics that could only be found in duty free.

In those days perfume was actually cheaper in duty free so you’d treat yourself to that too. Then you’d have a beer. Start the holiday off right.

Eventually you’d shuffle off to your flight. Praying that you weren’t stuck next to a smelly weirdo. Or that you weren’t the smelly weirdo.

Even economy flights in those days were a bit more luxurious, more like a plane and less like a bus.

I remember flying economy with British Airways to Cyprus. It was cheap as chips but included food and wine. I felt like royalty – and am easily pleased!

Nowadays it’s all about child friendly holidays. You know, where there are activities for children and parents can relax – you know, from fabulous companies like Mark Warner

The good old days offered holidays where over indulging and dancing until the small hours was the norm. Nowadays I am happiest bobbing about in a pool with my children, eating lots of lovely food and probably not sleeping in!


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