Thursday, June 20, 2024
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Up Your Game With Badminton HQ

Shoes provided for purpose of review

I loved badminton as a child. Evenings spent in the garden with my mum and dad hitting the shuttlecock to each other until the sun started to go down. My dad was never really one for football but he was always happy enough to play a bit of badminton to keep me occupied!

As I got a bit older I started to play in a slightly more formal setting, every Monday evening with a friend and his family down our local sports centre. Good for fitness, a bit of competition and to let out a bit of frustration.

I haven’t played for a few years now unfortunately on the court, but Joshua’s coordination is now at a stage where we can happily knock a ball or a shuttlecock around the garden, to help relive my childhood days!

Anyway, why am I talking about the olden days you may ask? Well, I’ve been having a look through the website and received a pair of genuinely awesome badminton shoes to review. Now, I’ve never owned a pair of shoes that were designed specifically for playing badminton before, but just look at these beauties from Yonex…

Even if I didn’t like badminton in the first place I would happily take it up just to wear these shoes! They are incredibly comfortable, padded in all the right places, very lightweight, nice and airy and are genuinely just the highest quality piece of footwear I’ve ever owned. They are also non-marking, so are perfect for badminton of course, but also for other similar indoor gym-based sports such as squash.

There are loads of other badminton-focused footwear options on the website to suit every budget and every level of performance. Here are just a few of them:

More importantly though, here are some more photos of mine because they’re awesome ūü§£

Clearly though, there is more to badminton than just the footwear and fortunately the Badminton HQ website caters for all possible aspects. There is an amazing selection of over 100 rackets, ranging from under the £10 mark all the way up to the top-of-the-range technologically amazing £160 model. There is also a collection of strings, grips and bags, along with all types of shuttles and a pretty decent range of badminton clothing. Basically, if you are into badminton in any way, shape or form Badminton HQ have got you covered!

Along with having a great selection of badminton gear, they will also beat any price with their price match promise, so you know you’re getting decent value. They’ve also got a really good sale on at the moment, so it’s well worth popping by for a look. There’s even free delivery on orders over ¬£50.

Now that I have my lovely new trainers I feel I need to get back into badminton action on a more regular basis, so I’ll let you all know how I get on!

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