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How To Improve Your Garden Fence

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I don’t usually think about my garden fence. It’s part of my garden. It defines the border of
my house. It keeps the pets in. It’s a garden fence. However, it’s also a part of our home.
Shouldn’t we give it some more thought? The only time we think about our fence is when it
needs to be repaired, right? Well, I think we should give any detail of our home some good
thought – it’s our home after all.

I looked out the window today and noticed that our garden fence was old and just didn’t
match our lovely garden – have a look at yours too. It is a nice fence? Does it add anything
to your outdoors? If the answer is no, it’s time to change it. Plus, what better time to
refresh your garden fence than now when the weather is getting a bit warmer? Perfect
time to do any outdoor home renovations to welcome your guests and help you enjoy your
outdoor space even more!

Make it strong and safe

Garden fences also add privacy and safety to your garden, making it difficult for intruders
to enter and prying eyes to see what is happening in your outdoor space, so it’s important
to have a good quality fence that is strong and will keep your home safe. Speedy Fixings
post shoes
are a great addition to any garden fence’s wooden posts. These are designed
to provide extra stability and support to wooden posts, while protecting them against water
and fungal damage, giving your garden fence a longer lifespan.

Give it a gloss

If you don’t want to paint your garden fence and instead, want to keep its original wooden
tone, glossing it or staining it would be the ideal solution. As Time with Thea mentions,
“You might prefer a low-maintenance wooden garden fence, and that’s okay too. Staining
the wooden fence to give the wood its original look, it’s a great way to give your wooden
garden fence a refreshed look.”

Grab the paintbrush

“Wooden garden fences don’t have to stay brown.” says Pretty Big Butterflies and I think
so too. Add some colour to your garden by painting your garden fence in a colour of your
choice. No colour is out of boundaries, from yellow fences to make your outdoor space as
colourful as ever to black fences to make any greenery stand out – choose your favourite
colour and paint away!

Make it versatile

Who said that a garden fence couldn’t be a functional element of your garden? Mummy
Mummy Mum shared
that even a garden fence could have multiple uses, including being a
vertical storage solution for your herb garden and garden utensils. You could even hang
colourful plant pots in a dark garden fence to add a splash of colour.

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