Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Toby or Not Toby…

That is the question! Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer the waiting times and menu options of opposition restaurants, or to take up forks against a sea of meat and vegetables, and by the addition of gravy, eat them.

I used to love Shakespeare at school and I’m sure he’d be turning in his grave to see that I’d butchered one of his most famous verses to talk about Toby Carvery. Assuming he was a man. And was buried.

Yesterday we went for a wander along the river Thames, generally very relaxing between bursts of sprinting to stop little one plopping head first into the river or being attacked by geese. He loved running around the trees and tickling his face on the Weeping Willows, and waving at the boats as they went past.


We have a Toby Carvery pretty much right next to the river, so we popped in for lunch – and found it to be perfect for restless toddlers! Our normal bugbears at restaurants are waiting times for food, variety of menus for little one, cost and time taken to find someone to pay at the end. Fortunately each of these issues aren’t really there at Toby!

If your little one is under 3 you just get given a small plate so you can load it up with whatever you want, for FREE! So really you just pick up a bit extra on your plate from the buffet and pop it on his plate. WIN!

The buffet style also eliminates the waiting time, as the food will be on little one’s plate just as quickly as you get your arse up to the buffet counter and back! WIN!

The menu choice is pretty much whatever meat and vegetables you decide to pick up, so if he suddenly no longer likes carrots today, you can give him 19 other veggies instead! And if he has a meltdown over the turkey, he might like the gammon, pork or beef! WIN!

Then at the end the bill came really quick, just as little one was getting jumpy and off we trotted! WIN!

So if you’ve got a small person and a local Toby Carvery it’s well worth a look and it’s filthy cheap considering the amount of food you can pile up if you feel so inclined!


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