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So You Think You’re Funny? – Season 2 Episode 11 – Lizzie from Lone Wolf Mama

As we see another weekend in the rear view mirror creeping further and further into the distance, Monday is once again upon us like a particularly frisky dog on our leg.

Wildly and unsuccessfully shagging dog metaphor aside, Monday has also brought with it another excellent comedy parenting interview as part of our series, So You Think You’re Funny?

This week we feature Lizzie from Lone Wolf Mama. As with most of our interviewees comedy comes quite naturally to her and is the basis of her very excellent blog, which documents the life of her twin toddlers. Having a toddler myself I can certainly vouch for the fact that you really need a good sense of humour to make it through this particular stage of parenting – so why not blog about it?!

For now here is the interview – if you like what you see, all the links are at the end so you can delve a bit deeper! Enjoy!

1. Tell us about yourself in 20 words or less:

Tired. So tired. Quite sweary. Trying to laugh my way through single parenting feral twins. The feral is my fault.

2. How would your child(ren) describe you?

The other day Z, my little boy, told me I was a nice girl (I gave him the bacon from my chicken and bacon pie). My little girl (D) would probably say she loves me the most in the whole world…and would then list the ways that I still need to try harder. She doesn’t like me to get too confident.

3. When and why did you last properly laugh out loud?

At bath time. D told me she was an expert at talking. She never shuts up, ever, so that made me laugh a lot (while I wept on the inside!)

4. Do you try to be funny when you are writing? Tell us a bit about your blogging ‘process’.

The whole point of my blog is that it’s about the funny side of parenting – I do the odd slightly more serious blog, but there will still be funny anecdotes in there. I blog about disasters that happen to us mainly – it makes me feel better and hopefully gives others a laugh too (whilst making them feel less alone). I don’t really have a process – I just wait for something to happen then write about it. I edit it straightaway and then post it. As well as being a single mum, I have two jobs, so I don’t have much time to spend redrafting etc!

5. What is the funniest thing you’ve read in the past few months?

I’ve just read a blog post by Brummy Mummy of 2: ‘12 Things You Will Inevitably Do On A Wet School Holiday Day’. It’s hilarious (and oh so true!)

6. What are the best and worst things about becoming a parent?

The best is undoubtedly the love – kids are so loving, even when you feel like you’re doing a bit of a rubbish job. I’m going to be honest – there’s a lot to choose from for the worst! Probably all the live poo you have to handle though. Who knew there’d be so much poo you’d have to have close contact with? Not the dream. Ooh, or sleep deprivation – that sucks too.

7. Do your friends/family find you funny in ‘real life’?

My kids do – they laugh at me all day long (even when I’m telling them off. Especially when I’m telling them off.)

8. Go on, say something funny!

Lines I never expected to utter #612:

Let me make myself clear: if you put mayo on your bottom again then you will lose your bedtime story.

9. How did you get into writing and why?

Since I had the kids (they’re three and a half) I’ve always posted Facebook updates about the disasters that befall us. My friends kept saying to me I should write a blog and one day, following an incident that led to me (unwittingly) delivering my son to the childminder covered in dog poo, I did!

10. If you could only have one meal every day for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

I love food so I find these questions so hard. If I have to choose then roast beef with all the trimmings cooked by my mum (she does a mean roast dinner!)

11. Complete the sentence; ‘Since having a child…’

I’ve realised that parenting is one giant paradox where you swing, in a matter of seconds, between loving them so much you’d die for them and wanting to actually kill them because they’re being such little sh*ts!

12. In your opinion, what is the worst children’s TV show, and why?

Hands down, Bing. He is whiney and spoilt and irritating and I wish Flop would just tell him that life’s unfair and he needs to deal with it.

13. Please tell us about your blog and why we should visit:

My blog documents the ridiculous scenarios that happen when one extremely tired woman is in charge of two wayward three year olds. You should visit because it’ll probably make you laugh, and it will definitely make you feel like you’ve got this whole parenting shebang nailed compared to me!

She is also being uber social on Facebook and Twitter so go have a looksie!

So there we have it. Another funny person has been inducted into our interviewee hall of fame and hopefully you have had a few chortle in the process. Literally everyone is a winner. Aren’t Mondays great?!

Until next Monday, keep smiling


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