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The World Is Your Canvas: Chalkola Chalk Pens Review

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Joshua’s artistic skills have improved somewhat since we last tried out some of the range of chalk pens from Chalkola. To be fair to him he was only 2 at the time so we had to give him a fair bit of help when it came to decorating our patio doors!

These days he’s a bit more independent and self-sufficient in the art department. So when we were sent a pack of 30 chalk pens to review he took to his new chalkboard and set to work creating some masterpieces!

First up, there’s a lot of cracking colours to choose from. You’d have to be pretty picky not to find a colour or two in this set that takes your fancy.

Then it’s just a matter of deciding what to create and where to create it. After all, Chalkola chalk markers can be used on a wide range of surfaces, including whiteboards, glass, ceramics and metal. As mentioned above, we went for the traditional non-porous chalkboard, where the colours can really stand out.

Drawings of his teddy friends taking shape…

The markers themselves are pretty easy to use. You just need to give each marker a good shake to get things flowing, and then press the marker firmly down a few times against the surface until the chalk ink reaches the tip and flows smoothly.

Joshua got to grips with it all pretty quickly and loved using the pens to bring his ever-growing collection of teddy friends to life!

As you can see, the pens are great for drawing but also for writing, as the tips are a really good size for details. And of course, if you make a mistake you can clear it off quicky with a wet wipe or damp cloth pretty easily as long as you are using a non-porous surface.

The full range of Chalkola products are available on with a more limited range available in the UK on

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