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The Whiteboard On The Go: Think Board X Review

Our son loves drawing pretty much anything, anywhere at anytime. He’s never far away from a marker pen and a sheet of paper, creating ‘works of art’ that he will then expect to adorn our kitchen fridge / walls until the end of time!

Some are pretty decent. You can make out rainbows, or grass, or flowers or stick versions of people. Some aren’t quite so good, admittedly, but he’s having fun so that’s the important bit, right?!

Sometimes it feels like it would be handy to have something that Joshua could take wherever we go, draw whatever he wanted to on, and that could then be rubbed out if it wasn’t that great or permanently kept if it was good.

So it was serendipitous when we met the lovely folks from Think Board at the May BlogOn and they offered to send us the Think Board X to have a play with!

Think Board X Review

The concept is fairly straightforward. In the small Think Board X pack you get three white sheets measuring 28cm x 20cm. It’s pretty much a mobile whiteboard so you can take the sheets wherever you fancy, use the whiteboard pens to put whatever you want on them, and then rub them off using the supplied cloth.

The cool part is that if you wish to keep whatever you’ve put on your whiteboard sheet you can scan it directly via your mobile phone using the Rocketbook mobile app. Depending on how you’ve set the app up it will directly save your creations to any folder in Dropbox, Google Drive, OneNote, OneDrive, Box, or Evernote, or send them straight to Trello, Slack, or email.

It’s designed to be used for brainstorming ideas on the go with friends or colleagues, or to jot things down that pop into your head that might be useful, like maybe ideas for inventions, or business ideas or blog posts. But clearly you can put whatever you want on them, as demonstrated by Joshua…

think board x
Work of art in progress
think board x review
The finished masterpiece

So after the work of art / business idea / doodle is complete you just need to open up the Rocketbook app on your phone, click the camera icon and point your phone at the whiteboard sheet.

As soon as it detects the QR code and the whole black border is in shot it takes a scan of the image. It’s dead simple and it comes out pretty nicely. Here’s the coloured version:

Finished scan of aforementioned masterpiece

The boards wipe clean nice and easily and they’re ready to go again. They can also be used with any standard whiteboard pen. Easy peasy.

Joshua seemed to really enjoy using the sheets. It was the first thing he wanted to do when he got home from school and he was genuinely excited that I scanned them onto my phone so I can keep them ‘forever’. It also saves sticking bits of paper up around the house, so it’s a thumbs up from me too…

The Small Think Board X comes in at £29.99, whilst the larger version will set you back £39.99.

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