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The Perfect Movie Night Companion: Retro Popcorn Maker Review

Retro Popcorn Maker Review from Find Me A Gift

We love a good movie night in our house, so much so that when we had our extension done recently we made sure we had enough room for a projector screen and reclining sofa! 

During the day, Joshua can often be found enjoying a bit of Lego Batman, but in the evenings it’s our space for watching films that we don’t get time to see at the cinema!

I’ve talked about getting a popcorn maker ever since we got our projector. After all  what completes a movie night more than a glass of wine or two and a bowl of popcorn?!

So when the lovely folks at Find Me A Gift offered to send a retro popcorn maker to us in exchange for our honest opinion it was a pretty easy decision!

First off, delivery was speedy and the popcorn maker of our destiny arrived safely in all its shiny red glory. 

Boxy McBoxface
Pretty sexy. For a popcorn maker.

The concept is actually pretty simple:

  • Remove from box
  • Plug it in
  • Insert popcorn kernels into top
  • Place a bowl under the nozzle
  • Turn it on
  • Watch in awe as popcorn shoots from nozzle into aforementioned bowl
  • Eat
  • (The popcorn, not the bowl)

I tried it out this evening and it worked like a charm. It really is a simple design, and there’s no oil or anything unpleasant to mess around with, so it’s genuinely fairly healthy!

Job done in a couple of minutes

I still can’t quite get my head around how kernels turn into popcorn with just a bit of heat but they taste lovely so I’ll have to let that particular mystery live on in my mind for now!

The machine itself isn’t a giant by any means coming in at a fairly petite 30cm tall and 15cm wide, so it’ll fit nicely on a sideboard or side table. As you can see it looks pretty cool too with a 50s retro vibe and a vibrant red exterior.

I’ve never owned a popcorn maker before but can happily recommend this one. It looks good, is incredibly easy to use, pretty healthy, works well and at under £30 it won’t exactly break the bank either. 

There’s loads of other fun gift ideas from Find Me A Gift on their website so it’s well worth a visit if you’re looking for some Christmas gifts that are a little bit different. 

Movie nights will never be the same again…

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