Top Tips To Keep You on Your Bike This Winter

Whether you’re a keen road cyclist or a BMXer, the cold winter weather shouldn’t stop your fun! Many halt their cycling adventures at the first sign of snow – but there are lots of things you can do to stay safe on your bike in wintery weather. Here are our top tips for safe cycling through the frosty season.

Lower Your Saddle

Lowering your saddle will make your position closer to the ground, allowing you to put your feet flat on the ground. This will make your ride much easier as you will be better balanced and less wobbly, helping you avoid skidding on slippy patches.

Layer Up

To avoid the shivers, make sure you layer up inappropriate gear. Start with a thermal base and layer t-shirts, fleeces and waterproof jackets on top. A thermal top and leggings are perfect for locking the heat in and stopping it escaping which you’ll be grateful for on freezing winter days! And don’t forget your toes and fingers – pop on some fluffy socks and thick gloves to keep them toasty!

Don’t be tempted to put too much clothing on, though. Once you get going, your body will warm up from the exercise and you may overheat. You shouldn’t feel toasty and warm before you get on the bike – if you do, take a layer off.

Use Sensible Tyres

In winter it is best to use thick, sturdy tyres with plenty of grip. Mountain bikes or Mongoose bikes are perfect for any terrain as the tyres have decent tread, allowing them to maintain traction and grip on the road.

The correct tyre pressure will also ensure a safe ride during the winter months. In icy or snowy conditions, release some air out of your tyres to give you more stability. The correct pressure really depends on your weight, so be sure to play around and test your tyres before setting off on a lengthy journey!

Be Visible

The dark, drizzly weather makes cyclists even harder to spot. Make sure you have good quality lights on the front and back of your bike so that you can be seen. It is also a good idea to wear reflective clothing – whether you want to rock a high-vis jacket or simply some leggings with reflective panels is up to you!Now that you know howto ride in winter weather, time to get on your bike!

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