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The next stage in your career in education

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If you’re a qualified teacher, or have a degree in education, then there are plenty of avenues that you could consider, rather than just becoming a teacher in a school. Whether you’re newly qualified and looking to expand your experience in the childcare sector, or simply  looking for a change in scenery from the classic classroom, then now’s the time to think outside the box.

Here are some of the alternative jobs involved in education that could see you put your acquired set of skills and knowledge to good use.

Nursery practitioner 

If you have experience working with children, but perhaps want to branch out to a younger age group, then you should think about a job working in a nursery. You get to nurture young minds, inspire and educate, and create the foundation for a child’s journey through life.

Through the nursery chain Kiddi Caru as an example, you can provide high quality child care and education, and take advantage of the state-of-the-art nursery facilities, with the opportunity to increase your knowledge in the sector. You can take your range of skills, patient nature, enthusiasm and creativity and channel them into the role of nursery practitioner. Plus, with the right qualifications and experience, you can work your way up to a leadership role, or even perhaps the manager of a nursery.

Driving instructor

Teaching others doesn’t always have to be in a classroom setting, and if you want to go down an alternative route, then you could use your skills to help those aged 17 and over to learn how to drive. Of course, this is increasing the age range of who you are used to teaching, but also comes with many benefits.

Just like in any teaching role, you should have the skills to remain patient and calm in stressful situations, and can communicate effectively to impart knowledge onto your learner driver. You can then feel the sense of pride when your student manages to pass their driving test successfully, and the fact that you’ve been part of their journey in achieving a vital life skill.

The main benefit of becoming a driving instructor, especially compared to that of a school teacher, is the flexibility of working. Whether as an independent instructor or as part of a driving school franchise, you can pick and choose when you conduct the lessons, and how many students you take on. This also means that you are in charge of your salary, which can increase alongside the number of pupils you teach.

Museum educator

This exciting and unique job role is truly thinking outside of the box, and gives you the chance to interact with children of all ages, as you’ll inspire the curiosity of any young visitors at the museum. This could be interacting with families or acting as a guide through the attractions with a party of children on a school trip. In fact, the majority of museum visitors are kids and so you sure to never have a dull moment as a museum educator!

If you’ve also had previous experience in education, then you’ll be the perfect candidate to pass on your knowledge, and depending on the museum you’re working in, you can revel in your favourite subject, such as history, geography or science. It can be highly rewarding, as you’ll be a vital part of creating the best visitor’s experience.

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