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All That Glitters: Lantern Making! Preschool crafting With Duerr’s Marmalade

In my three and half years of mothering it has become clear that there are two types of parents – those that enjoy crafting and those that run a mile.

It may come as a surprise due to my general lacklustre parenting style that I am actually very much in the former camp. There’s nothing I love more than rustling up pieces of crap artistic masterpieces using buttons, pipe cleaners and an unhealthy amount of poster paint. It might be because my house is generally in a state of filthiness thanks to dog hair, sand and random toddler crap that a fistful of glitter (potential autobiography title?) and a few globs of PVA doesn’t make much difference. So when Deurr’s gave me the opportunity to use their jars for a crafting activity of my choice and some of their lovely marmalade I couldn’t turn it down. I decided we’d have a stab at making lanterns so here is my step-by-step guide:

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1. Eat the marmalade

Arguably the most enjoyable part of this activity. The Husband decided to try Duerr’s Golden Orange marmalade on a crumpet (anyone else hearing Christina Aquilera belt out “real Lay Marmaaaamalaaaaaaade every time they read ‘marmalade? No, just me then? Ok). It was de-fricking-licious.

FUN FACT – before the Husband and I met he had never had a savoury topping on a crumpet and I’d never had a sweet one. It really was a clashing of two cultures. I might write a romcom about it one day.

2. Wash the jars

Lucky for me Deurr’s sent me a couple of already empty cleans jars but sucks to be you.

3. Gather your crafting materials.

To make the lanterns, as well as the glass jars and lids, you will need some tissue paper cut up into smallish pieces, PVA glue, paintbrushes, pipe cleaners and glitter (optional because I know some people literally die at the thought of mixing glitter and a pre-schooler).

4. Paint the glass jars with PVA glue

Just slap that gloopiness all over those curvaceous jars you saucy minx.

5. Stick the tissue paper onto jars

I’m sure some people would recommend doing some sort of symmetrical, colour-blocked pattern but we just went for the ‘any old where’ jobby (I said I liked crafting, I didn’t say I was any good at it).

6. Add another layer of glue

Make sure you stick down all the loose flaps (ooh matron).

7. Sprinkle with glitter

Go on, you know you want to. Leave to dry.

8. Add the handle

First make two holes in each lid. The easiest way is to use a cork screw, which you’ll probably want to leave out for the post glitter clean-up bottle of wine you’ll require. Thread a pipe cleaner through the holes to make a handle. If you don’t have pipe cleaners then string, a chain of paper clips or the last shred of your sanity will work equally as well.

9. Add a candle (once completely dry)

Voila your lantern is complete. If you’re not sold on the whole naked flame thing then you can always abandon the lid and use the decorated jar to keeps felt tip pens, toothbrushes or your faded hopes and dreams in.

10. Spend the next 20 years cleaning up glitter

Let’s be honest it’s probably just easier to move.

This craft extravaganza was brought to you by the letters D and M and by Suzanne from andanothertenthings!

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Lantern making - a step by step toddler/preschooler craft tutorial for empty jars!

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