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Hybrid Mattress vs. Memory Foam

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Memory foam is currently a very popular choice for mattresses. However, memory foam mattresses aren’t for everyone, so that you might prefer an option such as a hybrid mattress.

This is a guide to help you work out which of the two mattress types is best for you.

What is a memory foam mattress?

Memory foam is initially firm to touch, but due to body heat and pressure, it will begin to mold around the shape of your body, making it increasingly comfortable as the material was previously used for spinal support and to prevent bedsores. Therefore both comfort and support are at a maximum. A memory foam mattress combines layers of memory foam with other foam layers.

What is a hybrid mattress?

A hybrid mattress is a combination of coil support and foam layers. Which factors in the style of traditional mattresses and their more modern alternatives as the comfort layer is usually a layer of foam whereas the core of the mattress is inner springs.

Pictured: Internal components of a Hybrid Mattress

Benefits of a memory foam mattress

  • Quickly cleaned – This means you can ensure no dirt or bugs get to the mattress. They can also be hypoallergenic and resistant to any allergens. They can also be resistant to dust and some other airborne allergens.
  • Offers specialist spinal support and alignment – This means that they can be an excellent option for those struggling with back pains as they help reduce the movement on your back as the mattress molds around your body. The firm touch nature of the mattress means it can provide your back with the necessary support.
  • Preventing motion transfer –  This is hugely beneficial if your partner is active and moving while they sleep. So a memory foam mattress is the ideal solution to ensure your partner moving has little or no impact on you when you’re sleeping.

This is primarily due to the fact the mattress offers very little in terms of bounce.

Memory foam mattresses are durable – Therefore, you won’t experience a drop off in comfort and quality until long after, when other types of mattresses may begin to lose some of the support and comfort they may offer.

Pictured: Internal components of a memory foam mattress.

Benefits of a hybrid mattress

The perfect balance of comfort and support walks the line between firmness and softness because innerspring usually make up the core of firm mattresses, whereas the top memory foam layer is traditionally seen as something which makes up softer mattresses that have more sinkage.

Breathable and helps with temperature regulation – The breathability is generally superior to that of a memory foam mattress, which means they are less likely to reach undesirable high temperatures.

Wide variety of choices – The hybrid mattress section allows you to find the perfect mattress which suits your exact needs, as full memory foam mattresses generally all have similar levels of support and firmness.

Pictured: Sleepeezee Hybrid 2000 Mattress. Available from Bedstar The Online Bed Superstore

Offer a reasonable amount of bounce – This makes it easier for you to kick-start your morning with a mattress type that gives you the energy to bounce out of bed.

Variables that may affect the right decision for you

Here are some of the essential factors which show the difference between the mattress types and which type suits you best :

Memory mattresses:

  • If your partner moves around a lot, then memory mattresses are ideal
  • One or both of the people sleeping in the bed snore
  • Specific back problems

Hybrid mattresses:

  • You prefer to sleep on your side
  • You sometimes struggle to get out of bed
  • You don’t like the feeling of sinking into a mattress

Overall the mattress type you choose should be based on your circumstances. However, I would highly recommend going for one of these two mattress types as they are both very durable.

Therefore, you will be able to get the total value for money from the mattress while also experiencing maximum levels of comfort and support.

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