Thursday, April 18, 2024

Buying A Car: With & Without A Family

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The things I look for when buying a car have changed a little bit since we started a family. Here are a few key car features and how my views on them have changed over the years:

Boot Space

Pre-family: Just big enough to fit a couple of small suitcases for those frequent spontaneous getaways and short breaks.

With family: Big enough to fit a pram, bike, scooter, 3 suitcases, every plastic toy ever owned, high chair, travel cot, mattress, 72 stuffed animals and kitchen sink.

Interior Space

Pre-family: Enough room in the back to accommodate a couple of friends for meals out and trips to cinema

With family: Big enough so Joshua cannot continually kick the back of my seat from his car seat. Enough headroom so my other half can sit comfortably in the back for long journeys when Joshua decides ‘Mummy!!! Sit next to me!!!’


Pre-family: Sleek, stylish, sophisticated and sporty.

With family: Wipe clean and dark coloured to disguise stains. Definitely no fancy suede bits. Or anything with deep pile. Or anything breakable.


Pre-family: Not too fussed as long as it looked nice and went fast!

With family: Must NEVER break down as standing at side of motorway with a restless, wailing toddler is not something I ever want to experience!

Make & Model

Pre-family: Not French.

With family: Not French.


Pre-family: Most important possession so all about the quality and the ‘look’. Worth the investment.

With family: Put it on a credit plan like everything else and hope that lottery win comes in soon…

If you fancy doing some vital research of your own before buying a car hit the internet and head for to see what’s out there – and then buy a lush new Honda Civic like I’ve just done! 😍😍😍

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