How your stress levels could be ruining your love life

Experiencing stress from time to time is perfectly natural, but if you feel under too much pressure a lot of the time, this could really start to take its toll. As well as potentially impacting on your health, it could lead to problems in your relationship. Keep reading to discover a few of the ways in which high stress levels could be ruining your love life.

Problems between the sheets

Stress is undoubtedly a major passion killer. If you’re feeling anxious and tense, you’re less likely to want to enjoy the physical side of your relationship. It’s well known that stress can decrease people’s sex drives, and in women it can also increase the chances of experiencing pain during sex. Meanwhile, in men it can raise the risk of erectile dysfunction. Although there are targeted treatments such as Viagra available for erectile dysfunction, which LloydsPharmacy Online Doctor notes is effective in 75 per cent of men with the condition, it’s important to get to the root cause of problems in the bedroom if you’re to tackle them in the long term.

A personality change

You might feel like a different person when you’re under too much pressure. You could become distracted, withdrawn and less affectionate, which is bound to put extra strain on your relationship. You might become more moody and unreasonable too, meaning you’re more likely to argue with your partner. Also, when you do disagree, there’s a greater chance that things will escalate and you’ll end up in a major row.

High levels of stress might also mean you start drinking or smoking more, which can put a further strain on your relationship.

Not making time for your partner

It can be almost impossible to enjoy quality time with anyone if you’re feeling overwhelmed and pressured. You might feel guilty about taking time away from your responsibilities, and even if you do get a break in your schedule, you might not be in the mood to enjoy yourself. This can stop you from setting aside time for your partner – meaning the end of everything from date nights and romantic meals to holidays.

All of these things are extremely bad news for your love life. So, if you want to put the romance back into your relationship, it’s well worth making an effort to get your stress levels back in check. As well as making your partnership stronger, tackling stress can play an important role in helping you to feel happier and healthier.

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