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So Slime DIY Review

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With the children home from school for the foreseeable future it’s a good time to look for fun things to keep them occupied between home schooling. And although not necessarily every parent is a fan, it’s fair to say that pretty much all kids love playing with slime!

So we tried out the fun and affordable range of So Slime DIY packs – Slimelicious Ice Cream, Slimelicious Soda and Slimelicious Sweet shops from Canal Toys.

So Slime DIY Review
Slimelicious Soda Shop

Each of the three sets follows the same basic principal of creating and decorating slime, but each set has different shakers, charms and decorations to use and collect.

So Slime

As you can see, each pack contains two shakers, six packs of scented powder with which to mix the slime, three packs of decorations and two charms. Each of the six packs of slime powder has a different scent and a different colour to give a good degree of variation to your slime.

Making the slime couldn’t be easier – simply pour your chosen bag of powder into your chosen shaker, add water and shake. You then leave it to set for a few minutes and you have your finished pot of slime, which you can then decorate as you wish.

As you can see above Joshua first went for the purple slime and topped it with strawberries!

As mentioned, the slime is very simple to make and the range of colours, scents and decorations available gives it a decent bit of longevity. The three distinct shop themes is a nice touch too, giving a collectible element to the range. At less than a tenner per shop, the price I thought was pretty reasonable too and you can also add to your collection by buying individual blind bags.

You can find the whole So Slime DIY range at major stores, with the ones reviewed above available from places such as Very.

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