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How To Save Money With The Paris Pass

While travelling to another country should be a fun and rewarding experience, one of the biggest hassles revolves around planning out itineraries and travel plans. From booking your flight and planning your packing list to navigating the streets of a city unbeknownst to you, it can all be terribly frustrating.

As such, anything that helps to simplify the travel experience is a godsend. For those planning a trip to the City of Lights, plenty of excitement, romance and entertainment await. Being able to take it all in – without worrying and without spending exorbitantly – should be a prime concern.

The Paris Pass is a well-known, all-inclusive sightseeing package that can help you do just that. Let’s review some of the benefits of the Paris Pass, how it works and how it can save you big on your French excursion.


Free and Easy Entry to Museums


The Paris Pass includes many benefits, but one of the best is the free and easy access to museums all across the city. With more than 60 museums covered by the pass, you’ll potentially save hundreds of dollars as you explore the Louvre (save €12), the Arc de Triomphe (save €10), Notre Dame (save €9) and Versailles (save €18), just to name a few.

Just factoring in the nine most popular Paris museums, the Paris Pass will save you roughly €100 on entrance fees! The Paris Pass also includes Fast Track Entry to these facilities, meaning you can skip the long lines and immediately get inside. That’ll leave you with more time to explore other museums and the city at-large.


Awesome Bus Tours

Public transportation costs can add up quickly in an expensive city like Paris. If you’re dead-set on exploring the city and want to save big on tour costs and bus rides, then The Paris Pass provides immense benefits for this.

With the one-day Big Bus tour, you’ll be able to ride around all day on a hop-on, hop-off tour of Paris’ largest and most popular attractions. This bus tour is perfect for touring the museums listed above, as it passes by many of them and makes stops along the way. You won’t have to worry about flagging down a taxi or reserving a private tour guide to take advantage of free entry to many of Paris’ most popular destinations.


Quick and Free Entry to Other Attractions

Paris is a huge city with plenty of history and entertainment: there’s more to do here than just visit a few museums. Thankfully, The Paris Pass offers entrance to much more than mere museums. There are many different attractions you can visit while here that’ll be covered by the pass.

river cruise

One example is the Bateaux River Cruise (usual cost €15), which will take you by boat along the beautiful Seine River and show you many of the city’s greatest landmarks. Another awesome place to visit is the Paris Opera House (usual cost: €15.50), housed in a gorgeous 17th century building with plenty of history in its own right.


Free Travel Throughout the City

What if you want to travel around the city without a script? Thankfully, The Paris Pass has a solution for that as well! With the Paris Visite Pass included with the pass, you’ll be able to jump on any public transit and explore on your very own.

This includes access to all Paris transportation networks, including buses, trams, overground trains and the metro and RER networks. You’ll be able to travel any day, any time with this pass and won’t have to worry about paying out each time you use the network. Even better, you won’t have to waste time queuing for tickets or passes.


Additional Benefits

When travelling throughout any city you don’t know, it’s great to have perks and guides available to help you. With the Paris Pass, you can expect many different perks to help you as you explore the city.

There are numerous special offers and discounts available at a variety of restaurants and stores to those with The Paris Pass. Additionally, you’ll receive a 120-page guidebook full of information that’ll help guide you through the city, as well as with planning an itinerary that helps you get the most out of your visit.

It’s important to get the most out of every vacation. Better yet, it’s important to save money when travelling. When you are planning a full-fledged excursion throughout Paris, The Paris Pass is inarguably the best solution for travellers to save money and get the most out of their visits. From saving on top attractions to unfettered access to public transit, grabbing The Paris Pass simply makes sense.

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