Monday, May 27, 2024

Toddler Parents’ Evening

Today we had our first ever parents’ evening at little one’s nursery. I always assumed that parents’ evenings were something that older children have, where lots of teachers in tank tops sit around telling you how wonderful your child is. That was what my own parents told me anyway when I was younger ??


Little one’s parents’ evening was supposed to be last Monday but he had managed to pull half his fingernail off shortly before we arrived last week so was in a rather emotional state when we got there! Not because of the pain but because they had dared to put a plaster on his finger. Little one really doesn’t like things round his fingers or toes after his few days in hospital with croup last year where they tried to monitor his stats by putting a plaster covered sensor on his finger!


So last week was a wash out meaning we rescheduled for today! Having no idea what to expect from a parents’ evening we had visions of them telling us that he was a little shit, constantly beating up other children, dropping ‘f bombs’ and literally climbing the walls! Instead we learnt that he is a very gentle, polite boy who is doing very well! Yay! He even sleeps without prompting (not at home I might add!).

The only downside of the whole experience was sitting in the red plastic chairs designed for toddlers for 30 minutes! It was like trying to squeeze a whale into a fish tank but slightly less damp.


So we departed with a certain degree of relief that our little one is less of a little monster at nursery than he is at home – and long may it continue!

In other news I have now done four 530am starts in a row at work, so if this post is in any way amusing, obeys any of the basic grammar rules or makes any kind of sense then I will be pretty pleased with myself ??

My Kid Doesn't Poop Rainbows
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16 thoughts on “Toddler Parents’ Evening

  • It really made me chuckle. I love the image of you squeezing into a toddler chair being like a whale squeezing into a fish tank! 🙂 #chucklemums

  • Ah I have not had to do this but it sounds a bit weird and awkward to me. What can you really say about a toddler? They just don’t sit and listen and all their essays are late. #chucklemums

    • All of my little one’s essays were bang on time thanks very much ??

  • We to had these, he’s so good and eats and sleeps so well, are we talking about the same child lol hahaha #FartGlitter

    • I’m sure they’re probably overly nice at the first one!! Guess they don’t like to say he’s a little shit or you might not come back again!!

  • Ref the toddler seats James. Two days, yes, TWO DAYS post vaginal (sorry) birthing Moo, I did parents evening at Mouse’s nursery. I sat on the toddler chair. I await your applause. Thanks for the giggle for #Chucklemums 🙂

    • Thanks for visiting my blog and referencing your vagina my lovely ??

  • What is it with the teeny tiny chairs? Do you think they have these in the staff room too? Do the staff sit eating their lunches on teeny tiny chairs? I think not. They have a whole room full of stacked up grown up chairs shoved to one side I bet. They just don’t get them out for us parents as they think we’re less likely to loiter and ask too many questions for fear of using the use of our limbs… Congrats on your brill parents evening. Gold star for you and your little one! Thanks for linking with #fartglitter :0)

    • It’s purely designed to make you feel inadequate I’m sure!! They have been leather armchairs for the toddlers ??

  • Well done! It’s all good news! Don’t ask about kiddies sleeping in other places than yours. People always tell me how lovely Baba is when they see him. Of course he is! They give him 200% attention and he can check stuff out. At home, he can be the king of the tantrum! Another story just for papa et maman… #chucklemums

    • The joy of parenting!! I’d love a camera to see what he actually got up to at nursery!!

  • I felt far too immature to be going to my three year olds parents evening. God it seems like yesterday my parents were going to mine! And what is with those chairs, I would rather sit on the chuffing floor! Lovely post to read, I’m glad your little one is doing well 🙂 #fartglitter

    • It did seem very odd especially as he’s only two!!

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