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Tiny, Tough & Ready For Action: Tonka Metal Movers Review

In collaboration with Tonka – items gifted for review but views are my own

Joshua has always had a bit of an obsession with construction vehicles. From an early age he would always be excited when we passed a digger on a motorway or saw someone digging up a road, even if it was Mr Bull on Peppa Pig!

He has always enjoyed playing with construction vehicles too and they have always managed to find their way onto his Christmas list in one form or another. When he was younger it was all about large plastic toys, but as he’s got older his taste has changed towards smaller and better quality.

So when we had the chance to try out some of the new range of Tonka Metal Movers I knew that it would most likely be a hit! Here’s how we got on…

Tonka Metal Movers Combo pack

Tonka Metal Movers combo pack

The Tonka Metal Movers collection is currently available in two combo packs. We tried out the Mighty Dump and Front Loader version but a Mighty Dump and Bulldozer combo is also available.

The vehicles themselves are made from high quality diecast metal and are very much built to last. To accompany the vehicles the Tonka Metal Movers combo pack also contains a bag of Tonka Tough Dirt. This creates an extra element of fun, and means you can use the vehicles to scoop and move the ‘dirt’ around, just like in real life.

Tonka front loader
Tonka bulldozer

Fortunately the Tonka Tough Dirt is rather easier to clean up that real life dirt, and can be easily brushed off your hands or furniture or scooped up from the floor! It’s also pretty fun to mould into shapes of just play around with…

Tonka Tough Dirt

The Tonka Metal Movers combo pack is available for £11 and is pretty much guaranteed to offer a lot of fun and longevity. It’s aimed at kids from 3 to 6 but I’m 41 and I still had fun playing with them earlier!

Tonka Metal Movers Mud Rescue Sets

Tonka Metal Movers Mud Rescue

These packs are a little bit different in that your first task on opening them is to dig out your vehicle from the Tonka Tough Mud!

Once your have rescued your vehicle you can then use it to complete your mission, with the included cones, barrier and rescue medal.

There are 4 vehicle options currently available, and we tried out the dumper truck, tow truck and fire rescue vehicle.

Again, as you would expect, the vehicles are great quality die-cast metal and move around well, even across the dirt and mud terrain they find themselves in!

Each pack contains one of four vehicles and is available around the £8 mark, which again feels like good value considering you get a quality vehicle, accessories and a decent whack of Tonka Tough Mud.

Tonka Micro Metals Multipack

Last but by no means least (apart from the physical size of course) we have the Micro Metals Multipack.

Tonka Micro Metals Multipack

These come in two variations, the emergency services themed pack that we tried and a construction site pack. Both sets come with three vehicles, along with a fourth mystery vehicle, which adds a bit of a surprise to proceedings!

Our mystery vehicle turned out to be a dumper truck, which was handy as it went well with the other construction vehicles. Look at how small but perfectly formed it is!

Although the vehicles are pretty small they still move around freely like any other Tonka vehicle and Joshua thought they were a lot of fun. They retail for around the £10 mark and would make a really good gift.

Overall Thoughts

All the Tonka Metal Movers and Micro Metal vehicles we tried out were a big hit with Joshua, with the dirt and mud adding an extra dimension to the fun. We used them all as one big collection, safely contained within the confines of a large plastic container so as to keep the dirt where it was intended – on the building site!

Tonka toys have been around for many decades and everyone knows that they are tough, fun and last for years so they will always be a great investment. Joshua loved playing with them and we would happily recommend them to anyone. They are available in a variety of outlets including all good independent Toy Shops, JLP, Shop Direct, Amazon and The Entertainer. Amazon links are below if you want to find out more.

You can also find out more info, including activities and chances to win Tonka Toys at the Tonka Tough event which is taking place now.

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