Monday, July 15, 2024

Post Christmas Ponderings

If Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year the first couple of weeks of January must be the least wonderful! After all, now that the build up and excitement is all gone you’re left with a plastic-filled dumping ground where your living room once was and a set of scales that refuse to tell you your ‘enhanced’ weight for fear of hurting your feelings / being hurled across the bathroom!

I always get quite reflective around the new year so I thought I’d share with you some of the things that have been playing on my mind recently.

1. If our house looks so big and empty now that the decorations are down, what the hell does Father Christmas’ place look like now that all the toys have been delivered?!

2. Do I actually have a physical limit on the number of chocolates I can eat in one evening? I assume I must have, but I don’t appear to have ever reached it yet.

3. Would our little one have been equally content with 5 small toys as he appears to be with the 243 that are wedged into our living room?

4. What was it about the remote-controlled forklift truck toy that we thought would be a good idea? A two-pronged plastic weapon hurtling towards your shins each evening does not make for relaxing TV viewing.

5. How many times can a 2 year old build a Thomas puzzle before it becomes boring and we can have our floor back?

6. How does Poppy, our illuminated polar bear, really feel about her head being rammed up her own arse every year in order for her to fit back into her packing box?

7. Why do some toy manufacturers still make toys that require square batteries?!

8. How long do I have to pretend to be on a diet / fitness kick for before I can just accept that I’m fat and old?

9. How many of the people who claimed not to be sending Christmas cards because they were donating the money to charity actually just couldn’t be arsed to send Christmas cards?

10. Why do people always feel the need to design lists in round numbers, when in reality the last point is always a bit shit?

So there you have it. I will continue to ponder these key issues whilst eating 3 low fat chocolate desserts.

Happy New Year!

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12 thoughts on “Post Christmas Ponderings

  • Ha! I’m definitely feeling like this today!! Happy New Year!! #DreamTeam

    • Happy new year to you too! Thanks for the comment 😘

  • We couldn’t be arsed to send Christmas cards. And then to assuage the guilt we gave money to charity. Win win. No one cared (that we know of).

    • First ever comment with the word ‘assuage’ in! That’s why we’re blog buddies!

  • Last point made me smile! Cherish those moments with little ones because although it seems it will last forever it doesn’t and soon enough you will have teenage parent angst.

  • If you do actually find out how Poppy feels about the whole head up arse thing please do let me know. Our fibre optic Santa is probably having similar issues with his current undignified position which he will now be stuck with for the next 11 months (which is also approximately how long it will take me to make peace with me scales). Happy New Year! Dx

  • James! This is brilliant. A few of your points are things I think in my head but daren’t say out loud (Charity Christmas card one) – glad you did!

    I’m currently having a Christmas Tree stand-off….12th night has passed and me and hubby are having a ‘No! You can take the decorations down so we can reclaim the extension’ battle! I intend to be the victor!!!


    • Yay glad you liked it, Jane! So many important things to ponder this time of year 😂😂 Only 10 months to argue about the tree and it can go up again!!

  • I keep telling myself I’m going to start my January diet tomorrow. It’s not going well lol. Thanks for sharing on #fortheloveofBLOG

  • Haha! That’s actually got me thinking. You know, somehow I forgot to send out Christmas cards this year :-O I am not even joking. Tell me when you get to your chocolate limit. I haven’t found mine yet either. Thanks for linking up to the #DreamTeam.

  • I think January is a difficult month, a bit dull and grey and I love Christmas and always feel a bit deflated when it’s over. The forklift truck probably sounded great and if your kids are anything like mine as soon as you try and discard it off to the charity shop it becomes the favourite toy again. We are all drowning in a sea of bright coloured plastic.

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