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Our Multi Centre Honeymoon: Dubai, Sri Lanka & The Maldives

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When our wedding anniversary comes around every August, our thoughts drift back to 2009 and our awesome honeymoon, taking in Dubai, Sri Lanka and the Maldives.

We decided on a multi centre honeymoon so we could pack in as much as possible in the two weeks we had available, without getting tired of any one place. After all, a honeymoon is a once in a lifetime event, so why not make it as magical as possible?

Our multi centre honeymoon to Dubai, Sri Lanka and the Maldives

Dubai & The Maldives

Dubai was the first stop on our multi centre honeymoon. We only chose a short two-night stay, and we were greeted with blistering heat, but the hotel was amazing and we had a great time with a Jeep safari and a buffet dinner between the sand dunes. Dubai is famed for its shopping and buildings and the whole place was definitely impressive, but the heat during the day really was something else!

The Maldives were exactly as expected – a ‘tough’ week of relaxation and luxury on the beach. We had our own private beach area, our own table in the restaurant with our own waiter who had our favourite drinks waiting for us as we arrived each meal time. The whole place made us feel special from start to finish and the food was excellent.

The place overall was stunning and the views were amazing in every direction. However, aside from relaxing and swimming and snorkelling we didn’t do too much aside from eating and drinking to excess!

One of my highlights of the Maldives was the way in which we got there! We took a pretty tiny Maldivian Air Taxi seaplane from Male and being on a seaplane was definitely an experience that will stay with me forever. Here I am having landed at ‘Filitheyo International Airport‘ which was actually just a raft in the ocean, from where we took a little boat to our hotel.

Sri Lanka

Our main memories of the honeymoon came from our five days in Sri Lanka though. We had decided to book a tour so we could see as much as possible before recovering the following week in the Maldives. From the moment we were met at the airport by our own personal taxi driver it was full on from start to finish!

We stayed at 3 different hotels during our five days there meaning we could cover different parts of the country each day. At 8am each day the driver would collect us from the hotel and we wouldn’t return until around 7pm. We saw temples galore, including the Temple Of The Tooth, along with the Pinnawala Elephant Sanctuary, Sigiriya Rock, Royal Botanic Gardens and a tea plantation. We also went on a safari trip to see more elephants, along with a whole host of other amazing animals. Considering we were only there for five days we packed in a lot – we even had an elephant walk out into the road in front of our taxi. I can promise you that if you’re close to nodding off in the passenger seat a close encounter with an elephant will certainly wake you back up again!

Here are some of our highlights…

If you fancy your own unforgettable trip to see the sights of Sri Lanka visit the Voyage Privé website, where you can find a whole world of memories just waiting to be experienced.

For us, it was perfect and we were very glad we went for a multi centre honeymoon, although we could easily have stayed an extra week in Sri Lanka and still not have seen half of what was on offer, including its beautiful beaches. The people were really friendly and welcoming and every hotel we stayed in was top quality, even though we didn’t get to spend much time in each one!

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