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6 Top Tips to Accentuate Your Eyes This Summer (Naturally!)’

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The eyes are the window to the soul, but they are also an attractive characteristic. And, you should not wait to turn into the main focal point of your face. While fake lashes and makeup can be extremely helpful in achieving the results you had hoped for, not everybody wishes to apply them on their faces. Luckily, today, we can harness the power of plants and natural remedies to accentuate the beauty and expressiveness of your eyes. Find out how below.

Use a DIY Mask or Cooling Gel for Puffy Eyes

If you have ever woken up with tired, red, or puffy eyes, you are not the only one! Our lifestyle can have significant effects on our looks. And, even if you are extremely careful about the foods you eat and the products you use, a simple night out or an extra cocktail can ruin the look you had been counting on. Luckily, you can create a natural face mask or cooling gel with things already in your pantry or in the nearest health food store. 

Use Mascara

Mascara is arguably the most common method of accentuating your eyes. It does not involve a long preparation time, and it is accessible and affordable. However, many mascara types on the market – especially low-quality ones – might include artificial elements that can disagree with your skin and eyes. 

Before picking a specific type of mascara, do your research! Ensure that these mascaras have not been tested on animals and are made with natural ingredients. While they might result in a more expensive version, they allow you to wear them with confidence. 

Applying mascara is also a less drastic alternative than investing in fake lashes, and it is more comfortable if you are not used to wearing a lot of makeup. Mascara helps give tone to your lashes, creating a more defined frame for your eyes, which will look much bigger and brighter.

Play With Colors

Generally, the rule is to pick colors that will make your eyes stand out. To do so, have a look at a color palette. The tones that compliment your eye color will make your iris pop out! However, you might not be that comfortable wearing bright-colored makeup. In this case, trying out different hues and figuring out what is the one that works best for your skin can help. 

Some tips for picking the right color combination are:

  • Blue eyes – black, darker blues, purples, light greens, or lighter blues
  • Brown eyes – red, oranges, blue (bold hues like electric blue), moss green
  • Green eyes – purple, green, yellow or browns
  • Hazel eyes – dark neutrals colors such as black, navy, or burgundy

Pick a Pair of Glasses That Work for You

Glasses are among the essential accessories to consider when attempting to accentuate your eyes. Whether you choose to wear them or are stuck with a prescription, you can make the most of it by picking a frame that you would actually be proud to show off!

Depending on your face’s shape, you might opt for rounder glasses or thinner frames. However, the general rule to follow here is: squared frames are perfect for round faces, and circular glasses work best for more square faces. If you don’t know what glasses suit your style best, click here to find professional indications and tips.

Sunglasses Can Be Your Friends

If you are wondering how can something that covers your eyes accentuate them, think twice! They can add that mysterious touch to your look that makes you look more intriguing, and they are perfect for any family holiday or getaways. Moreover, sunglasses are essential to protect your eyes from the damage that UV rays can cause. While you might not immediately benefit, remember that they can save you more significant headaches later on. 

Implement a Natural Routine for Your Skin

Sometimes, the best way to get your eyes to stand out is to look after what is around it… you face! Today, we all use several skincare products and makeup that contain artificial ingredients and chemicals. While they might be suitable to cover a pimple or achieve the perfect color for your cheeks, they can affect your skin. 

Instead, natural products might require you to be patient and stick to a solid skincare routine to see results. However, these are also the products that will look after your skin in the best way. And, once your skin is bright, clean, and glowing, you will notice incredible results in how your eyes look, too.

Make sure you are staying hydrated and get in as much beauty sleep as you can. That is what will truly keep you beautiful inside and outside!

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