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Marvel Gift Ideas For A ‘Marvel’lous Christmas

Some of the Marvel gift ideas in this guide were gifted for review either now or in the past

If your family is anything like our one you have at least one Marvel-obsessed member in your ranks! Joshua loves his superheroes at the moment and most of the things on his Christmas list are something to do with Marvel, or Lego, or Lego Marvel!

In this brief guide we have a look at some of the amazing range of Marvel gifts on the market today for primary school aged children, some of which we have reviewed before and some which we’ve spotted in recent weeks. So let’s get cracking with some Marvel gift ideas…

Marvel Anniversary Collection Personalised Book

Personalised books come in many shapes and forms, but this is definitely the best one I’ve come across and is perfect for Marvel fans of all ages. You can read the full review here, but in short the book is really high quality, full of superb illustrations and contains some really great stories covering the history of the Avengers and more.

To make it all the more special it has your choice of name engraved on the front cover and printed on every page. It really is an excellent book and we’ll worth the investment in something that will last for years.

Lego Marvel Avengers

Joshua and I have been playing this on the Xbox together for a few months now, and personally it’s been my favourite of the continually expanding Lego video game franchise. Created by Travellers Tales it features every character you have ever heard of, plus a few more for good measure!

Missions are challenging but achievable, there are hundreds of little quests to complete for gold bricks and characters and the game world is a really great size. You can take whatever approach you want, be it mission-based or just spend hours exploring and having fun and discovering new characters. It’s a great game, helps builds problem solving skills and coordination and is a nice way to spend a bit of time bonding with the little Marvel fans in your life. The Lego Marvel Avengers game is available on Xbox from all major retailers including Amazon (affiliate link).

Marvel Cinematic Universe Top Trumps Quiz

The perfect way to test your knowledge of the Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy and S.H.I.E.L.D with 500 challenging questions all about the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Marvel gift ideas - Top Trumps Quiz

Although Joshua is younger than the recommended 12+ age bracket, he knows a lot about all things Marvel so has been enjoying testing his knowledge.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe Top Trumps Quiz is nice and simple to play. Each player takes 5 cards and answers rapid-fire questions from the cards, one at a time. If both players answer the question correctly, players move onto the next question. If one player gets it right and the other gets it wrong, the winner takes both cards. The first player to reach 3 pairs of cards wins. Easy!

It’s a quick, fun game that is perfect for the Marvel fan in your life and would make a great stocking filler at around the £10 mark.

Marvel Avengers 100 Piece Puzzle

Joshua has always loved his puzzles from a very early age. We’ve moved on a bit from the small number of large pieces and have worked together on ones up to 1000 pieces over the past few months. However, for one that Joshua can do on his own without any assistance, 100 pieces is a pretty good middle ground. The fact that this one from Ravensburger has some of his favourite characters from Marvel Avengers is a massive bonus!

Marvel gift ideas - 100pc puzzle

As with all Ravensburger puzzles, it’s bright, colourful, has lots of detail and is really well made. It’s designed for ages 6+ and is just the right level of challenge for a fun afternoon of solo puzzling! It’s available from all good retailers including Moonpig!

Lego Iron Man Mech

There is a massive range of Lego sets based around the Marvel Avengers characters this year, many of which are on Joshua’s Christmas list. One that he already has is the Iron Man Mech.

Another great stocking filler that comes in under £10 it’s a fairly straightforward build but is something you can play with afterwards if you fancy having some epic battles with the other Lego Marvel builds – which Joshua obviously does on regular occasions! It’s available from all major retailers including Amazon (affiliate link).

Marvel Avengers: Endgame Titan Hero Toy Multipack

Last but not least in our look at Marvel gift ideas is this excellent multi-set featuring Thanos, Iron Man and the Infinity Gauntlet. The set includes two good quality 12-inch figures and the gauntlet itself which fits most children’s hands. It makes sounds and lights up when the middle button is pressed and at the sale price of £25 from Argos it makes a great gift to finish off this guide!

It’s also available at Amazon (affiliate link).

Whatever you choose, have a lovely Marvel-filled Christmas!

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