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Marvel Studios Anniversary Collection: Personalised Book Review & Giveaway

Book supplied free by In The Book but all views are my own

Over the past few months Joshua has really developed a love for superheroes, with the Marvel Avengers being top of his list of favourites. He has the clothing, the games, the mini-figures and even a couple of costumes. Now he also has his own personalised Marvel book featuring all the Avengers – the super classy 10 year Marvel Studios Anniversary Collection no less!

Marvel Studios Anniversary Collection cover

We have always loved reading to, and with, Joshua and given In The Book show their own commitment to reading by donating hundreds of personalised books to charities working with underprivileged children in the US and UK, this collaboration felt like a great fit.

They produce a really wide range of personalised books for children and adults alike, and have official licenses with Marvel and Disney among others, so there really is plenty to choose from for all ages.

But most importantly, what did we think of the Marvel Studios Anniversary Collection?

Marvel Studios Anniversary Collection Review

It comes in its own presentation box, which makes the whole product look even more special. You’ll also see below that the front cover has Joshua’s name embossed on it, and every page inside has his name printed on it. It really does look the part, the personalisation doesn’t feel ‘tacked on’ and the whole thing feels like something really special as soon as you take it out of the box!

Marvel Avengers box and cover

The Marvel Studios Anniversary Collection has 20 stories spread over an impressive 128 pages, most featuring beautiful illustrations. It tells the various magical stories all the way from Red Skull taking the Tesseract from Norway in 1942, through the creation of the various characters and ending with ‘Thanos Is Coming’. You can see if anything takes your fancy below…

Marvel Studios Anniversary Collection contents

It’s the perfect introduction for children to the Marvel Avengers world, with each story short enough for a bedtime read. Some are even just the one page, if you’re a bit tight on time one evening! I’ve been reading a chapter to Joshua in bed each night and he has been loving learning more about his beloved superheroes, including his most favourite of all, Iron Man.

Last night Joshua discovered how Bruce Banner originally found himself becoming the Incredible Hulk, a story I remember well from my own childhood. We found this classic from 1980 hiding at my parents’ house a few months ago, and I’ve a feeling our new book will last just as long!

What has made it even more fun for him is that he has recently played the equally awesome Lego Marvel Avengers on the Xbox a few times, so knows a lot of the characters and some of the stories already. The book follows largely the same order as the game, so they’ve gone together really well.

We’ve both really loved reading the Marvel Studios Anniversary Collection over the past few days. It’s really captured his interest and given us something to read together at night. The book is high quality, glossy, has gorgeous illustrations and the stories are at the right level for older primary school children or for reading with parents for younger ones like Joshua.

There are two options to choose from. The standard edition comes in A4 size with a white presentation box, whereas the deluxe edition, which we reviewed, comes in a black box and is A3 in size. The retail price is £29.99 for the standard edition and £39.99 for the deluxe edition through In The Book.

Having spent a few days with the deluxe edition I would definitely recommend spending the extra few pounds.

As well as the name personalisation on the cover and each page, you can also add a message and photo to the first page to make it extra special.

With the presentation box and timeless stories it’s something that I’m sure Joshua will enjoy for many years to come, as it’s not the type of book you can really grow out of. I even learned a few things from it myself, so whatever age you are there’s a good chance you will love this book just as much as we all did.

If you have your own Marvel Avengers fan at home you can win them their own personalised book in our giveaway below!

Win Your Own Marvel Avengers Personalised Book in our Giveaway

You can win your very own personalised Marvel Avengers book in our giveaway. Aimed at slightly younger children than the Marvel Studios Anniversary Collection we reviewed, the Marvel Avengers Beginnings has 32 pages of stories about your child’s favourite characters. It also includes your child’s name numerous times within the story to really help them feel part of the action!

To enter, just click below and choose which entry options you wish to complete. Giveaway closes at the end of Sunday 4th October 2020 so get entering now. Good luck! UK only.

Marvel Avengers Beginnings Personalised Book Giveaway

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  • Hafsah

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    Superman, I really would love to fly!!

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    Superman, he fights evil!

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    Great competition and prize for any marvel fan

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    DC Universe but my favourite hero is Power Girl! If I had to pick from Marvel I’d choose She Hulk!

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    Superman – is a hero i grew up watching.

  • Patricia Avery

    I’m a bit old to have a favourite but I do remember enjoying watching the Incredible Hulk on TV and being jealous of his ability to transform

  • donna l jones

    Iron Man very likeable

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    I love Wonder Woman as she is kick-ass!

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    Batman, loved watching him when I was a kid, took you to a better place

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