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Making Memories

Dedicated to those people that hate the phrase ‘making memories’ 😜

Life is full of many things. Some of them are dull and miserable, some are fun and exciting and the vast majority are somewhere in between.

People tend to remember the miserable stuff and the exciting stuff and forget about all the normal stuff in the middle. If, for example, I think back on 2019 I can easily remember all the enjoyable things that I did. Details, sounds, sights, emotions – the whole lot. I can also remember all the bits that didn’t go quite so well, in equally vivid detail!

Everything else in between though kind of fades into a mass of normality. I know I went to work 200+ times and I remember a few of the more interesting conversations and events but the vast majority of it – not a clue!

I know I watched a shedload of American crime dramas at home, but I would struggle to recall a single plotline from any of them! Equally I’ve had 300+ dinners so far this year, but probably only remember about ten of them! Things just happen in daily life – they’re fun at the time but unless they’re really good or really bad they don’t really stick in your memory.

I wittered on in a previous post about saying yes to more things and one of the big benefits about doing more things is that you make more memories. Of course, the thing itself is great fun at the time – be it going out with friends or having a day out with the family – but for me half of the point of doing something fun is that you can look back on it afterwards.

In life you can buy most of the things that you need, but it’s the happy memories that will always be there with you.

Anyway, before my mum asks me why I’m talking rubbish again, the subject of memories leads nicely into an update of what we got up to over half term!

We actually did a load of stuff with Joshua including him staying with Sarah’s mum but the main ones we took photos of were:

Memories Of Wellington Country Park

Although I genuinely hate paying £13.50 per person including Joshua, Wellington Country Park is always good fun, and they had a variety of Halloween stuff going on over half term. This included a spooky train ride, lots of shows, a haybale trail and pumpkin carving.

It was busy there but not horribly so, which was ideal. Joshua had a great time on the normal stuff there such as the various adventure playgrounds, but fortunately he was also keen to try out the Halloween stuff on offer. Yay. Here he is doing things and looking cute:

Sticky icky pumpkin carving
Spooky train going through spooky tunnel
2 for 1 cocktails and Enchiladas afterwards

As you can see we ended up having cocktails and Mexican food afterwards, courtesy of Las Iguanas!

The Vyne

On Halloween itself we popped along to one of our local National Trust places with my parents. Again, it’s always a lovely day trip there but with the benefit of not having to sell a kidney for entrance given we are all super-cool National Trust members!

Not many Halloweentastic things were taking place apart from a trail identifying animals mistakenly assumed to be linked to Halloween. But it’s a lovely place for a walk, and with the weather staying dry and bright it turned out to be a cracking day out.

Then in the evening we actually did some trick or treating which was really good fun and Joshua loved! Still after 4 years of buying bags of sweets and leaving pumpkins out, no one came knocking at our door though so as always we’re still busy ploughing through leftover sweets!

Beautifully crafted pumpkin

Admittedly some of those sweets may still be leftovers from that event I went to a couple of weeks ago, with the coffin full of sweets and the free bar…

Anyway, that post was longer than expected so I’ll leave it there! Suffice to say it was a pretty good week and we made lots of good memories. #makingmemories #cherisheverymoment

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  • Debbie Skerten

    Lovely post. I moved away many years ago, but last time I went to Wellington Country Park it was free!

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