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Living Planet Augmented Reality Book Review

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As you can imagine, we’ve been spending a bit more time at home that usual lately! To fill the time between normal schoolwork, YouTube videos and Lego building we’ve been trying to teach him a bit more about the world and its many wonders.

So when we were given the chance to have a look at an augmented reality book from Welbeck Publishing about the world, aimed at younger readers, we were really keen to try it out.

Living Planet Review

Living Planet Augmented Reality book

Spread over just under 100 pages, the book covers all the basics of the planet, from its creation, through its climate and weather, to the various types of lifeforms that have inhabited the earth over the years. Here is the full contents list so you know what to expect:

Living Planet Augmented Reality book contents

As you can imagine it doesn’t cover any subject in masses of detail, but it does do an excellent job of introducing each area in an easy-to-understand way using pictures and diagrams to help hold any child’s attention.

And that’s where the augmented reality part really shines through, and helps bring the book to life. Spread throughout the book you will find a variety of ‘video’ sections, like this one:

Living Planet Augmented Reality birds

By downloading the free Living Planet app and holding your device over the image areas you can see the video come to life by clicking the play button. It does a good job of keeping the image within its designated space so actually looks pretty good, as you can see.

It’s a simple feature but one that helps make the book feel more interactive and will help keep a child’s attention for longer I think.

Joshua has been enjoying reading through the various sections and I’m sure it’ll keep him interested for a long time to come. It’s currently available for RRP £12.99 and the supporting app is free to download from your app store.

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