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How Are You Going To Pay For All Those Kids Parties?!

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Do you panic in the run-up to your kids birthday party? Not only can it feel like Vietnam with soft play but it seems that every leisure centre or church hall is charging more and more with every passing year for few items! And when we are tallying up all the costs for the party combined with the fact that we’ve got to top last year’s efforts it can be one of those parenting stresses that result in you digging into your wallet and taking out the credit card yet again! And while we can be thankful that it only happens once a year, when you start to think about Easter or Christmas there is no let-up! What the hell can we do to ensure that our finances don’t take a beating every time our children want a Marvel or Frozen-themed party?

Play The Financial Long Game

If we don’t want to dig into our credit card yet again we’ve got to think about putting funds aside for parties. If there’s just too much expense every single year and you don’t earn enough money you may want to think about diversifying your finances. Something like investing may seem like a counterintuitive effort but if you continue to put money into an investment through platforms like Swyftx, and you’ll see that one day the value of stock or shares particularly high you can sell some so you could pay for a party in one fell swoop! While investing is not a guaranteed way to earn a ton of cash, if you spend a long time investing a lot of money it can reap dividends later on. Ideally, you’d want to get a lot of cash now but that’s not the way investing works!

A Party Fund

The most stressful part of kids parties is that massive lump sum that seems to come out at the same time. A kid’s party is all about those little things that you can do over time. If you spend one month looking for cheap party bags and all the crap that goes into it you can very easily get all this for £20 from the pound shop rather than going to the big supermarkets rushing around at the last minute. A party fund is all about those little things that you can accumulate over time. Usually, the big cost is renting out the venue, but if you can start to plan six months in advance you’ve got a fighting chance of not using that credit card!

The Free Things

You can either bake the birthday cake and accumulate leftover items yourself over time or you can do things that can make you some extra money or get vouchers meaning that you don’t have to purchase the party goodies making it feel like you got it for free. You can earn Amazon gift cards or go on survey websites like Crowdology to get some extra cash, as well as getting a little bit of money using receipt snapping apps. 

You’re not alone, there are plenty of people that stress about the expenses associated with birthday parties, hopefully, this three-pronged attack can get you fighting fit for the next birthday party! Good luck soldier! There’s only a dozen more parties to go!

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  • Interesting read. What I should have done is improved the timing with my three children. Have them all in one month opens up the possibilities of joint parties!

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