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How A Salt Lamp Can Brighten Your Home

How are salt lamps made

Salt lamps are made of Himalayan salt, it is mined in Pakistan and has a pink color. Chunks of salt are taken and handcrafted and hollowed out. A lighting fixture is placed inside. Once the salt lamp is lit it truly looks magical. The light travels through the salt to give it a beautiful orange glow. Having a salt lamp in your home will add character to any home. The Himalayan salt is believed to be formed millions of years ago. Having a salt lamp in your home brings a natural element into people’s homes rather than fabricated products.

Salt lamp

People that have a salt lamp in their home will often feel more relaxed. The light is not too bright making it a perfect background lighting. People use them as a nightlight to help their children sleep.

There are also small USB salt lamps that comes in all sort of shapes such as the shape of a heart, turtle, rose, tulips, etc. These are perfect for the workplace as they are small and can be plugged into your computer. They are great for keeping your stress levels down.

Different styles

You can also purchase salt lamps of a different colour, they also come in white and grey color. The grey color tends to be more expensive as it is a rarer salt. When lit it will provide a silver glow. If you are a candle lover and don’t want to go for a salt lamp you can also purchase a Himalayan salt candle holder and they come in a pack of 4.

Salt lamp candles

Because each salt lamp is handcrafted and each one is a one of a kind, their sizes are measured by their weight. The smallest salt lamp is around 1 Kg and the largest goes up to 50kg.

Health benefits

Many people use these salt lamps due to their health benefits, people struggling with asthma of hayfever will use the salt lamps to get rid of pollen and dust in the air. Salt lamps help clean the air in your home. Thanks to the negative ions they produce. The negative ions can also reduce electromagnetism from electrical goods.

Salt lamp

People that suffer from anxiety will also use these lamps as the soft orange glow can help them relax.

If you are looking to purchase a salt lamp be sure to visit this website.

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