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Should Your Family Buy A New-Build Property?


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So you’re thinking of buying a property? Whether you’re a first time buyer, or a homeowner looking to upsize or downsize, it can sometimes be difficult to know just what you are looking for? One of the key questions is whether to opt for a new build or an older building. Let’s take a look at some key reasons that a new-build might be the right choice for you and your family! 

Cheaper Bills 

 Generally speaking, newer builds will be much more energy-efficient than older properties so you can save yourself money on your bills each month! Your home could have a smart energy system, for example. In addition to this, newer homes have cavity wall insulations and double glazing features which are far more efficient than the same features in older homes. 

Minimal Repairs 

 When you have an older home, keeping up with the maintenance can take up lots of time, and it can also be very expensive. With a new build home, you won’t need to worry about such repairs and can just relax and enjoy a beautiful space. With a new property, it will likely be years before you need any slight repairs. When you do so, they should be minimal if your new build home is a top quality property. It’s also likely that many of the key fittings and fixtures come with the house. This will mean that you won’t have to worry about making purchases for things like dishwashers or lovely wooden floorings. This is one big reason why new-build homes are increasing in popularity for so many families with busy lifestyles. 

Beautiful Fittings 

  If you like a beautifully modern look, new- builds have much to offer in these kinds of styles. There is undoubtedly an attraction to being the first one to live in a brand new house. Being the first owner makes the space feel that bit more special to you! The places in which we live can contribute so much to our well being and quality of life, so naturally, you’ll want to find a place that you and your family can really love. What’s more, if you choose to go for an off-plan home, you can actually contribute to the designing process of the house yourself! (What fun!) 


 New build homes can come with some pretty attractive warranties, for instance, a ten-year warranty that covers any structural defects that the place may incur. As well as this, because you will not be waiting for someone else to sell their house before you move in, this can make the process of buying a new build a lot quicker. 

 Sometimes buying a property can be a stressful and drawn out time, so the idea that this process can be made easier is an attractive one to many people. (If you have kids you’ll know that time isn’t exactly something you have lots of, so will likely be glad to steal some back!)  Interior design can be a great therapeutic project to do as a family when you move into a place and just want to give it a nice touch of your own style! 

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