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Fast & Fun Family Battles: Beat That! Review

Gifted for review

One of the best things about BlogOn, aside from seeing friends, eating food, dancing and drinking to excess is finding new brands to meet and new products to explore.

As was the case with the most recent BlogOn in September, where one of the many awesome new things I found in the brand den was a game called Beat That! It was designed by the really lovely Kate and Zak, founders of Gutter Games, and is demonstrated here by one of my many pink-haired friends.

Trying out Beat That! at BlogOn 2019

Even more exciting than learning about the new game itself was being given a copy to review. Here is that review…

Beat That! Review

Beat That! game box

The game itself is pretty simple, but loads of fun. Gutter Games have generally been involved in adult games before (drinking games rather than whips and chains and squirty cream) but this time they’ve gone for a wider appeal with Beat That! aimed at the 11+ market.

The concept is pretty simple. Players take part in a massive array of challenges involving such simple things as cups, balls, dice, measuring tape and chopsticks. Some tasks are individual challenges, some can be played in teams and some are head-to-head. The 160 different challenges are all presented on cards in a nice, easy-to-follow format, like so:

Example Beat That! game cards
The one on the right isn’t an excited naked man by the way…

Players can bet on themselves using tokens, based on how confident they feel about successfully completing the task in the time allowed, but given our son is only five we kept it nice and simple and just had a go at doing a few of the Beat That! challenges.

The challenges themselves are really simple in theory, but can be pretty difficult to master, especially when against the clock. In this one, Joshua is trying to flip over three beakers so that they land flat on the table…

Joshua tryig out the cup flipping challenge
One down, two to go…

In quite a few of them, the players must move around a bit and do silly things, which makes for a perfect party game for family or friends. Here you have to stand up without the cup falling from your forehead…

Joshua attempting to stad up with a cup on his head!
Much trickier than it looks, especially when you have a five year-old knocking it off of your head…

In another one we tried out you had to pick up the 4 dice from inside a cup using just chopsticks and them pop them back in again.

Joshua trying the chopsticks challenge
Much easier than chicken chow mein…

Although we didn’t play the game quite as nature intended, we had a brilliant time and Joshua loved it (once he accepted it was about having fun rather than winning). He was in hysterics over some of the challenges, which is kind of the idea for a fun family game I’d say!

Overall Feelings

All in all we found the game to be really really good. Not too complicated, not too much brainpower required, no pages and pages of rules to plough through – just a good, simple, fun game that everyone can get involved with and have a great time completing the challenges.

For younger players you can also have a great time, just by simplifying some of the rules so don’t let the 11+ age rating put you off too much. For £24.99 I thought it was pretty good value, especially as it’s not the type of game you can get bored of so will be suitable for popping out of the cupboard at Christmas, or parties or maybe every day if your five year-old is obsessed with the challenges…

It’s available from Amazon by clicking the affiliate link here:

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