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Created By Magic: Prints & Gifts With A Personal(ised) Touch!

We’ve been having a bit of a redecoration spurt at home recently, not least because of the extension we had built (but can’t quite afford to get plastered yet!) and the resulting demolition-chic that has been a feature of our downstairs in recent months! It looks a bit like the Industrial Zone on The Crystal Maze, or pretty much any trendy bar built in the past 10 years!

So when Created By Magic offered to send me a personalised print to help adorn one of our oh-so-modern breeze-block walls I jumped at the chance! In fact if they could have sent me another 500 of them it would pretty much eliminate the need for a £2650 plasterer completely! However, the one they did kindly send me was super duper lovely, and looks suspiciously like the picture below:

created by magic review

For those of you that haven’t been married at Wasing Park in Aldermaston in recent years, you probably won’t recognise the image, but I can reassure you that it is indeed the place where we got married way back in 2009 when I was young less old and was about to get drunk on wine for the first time!

Personalised prints of wedding venues is one of the many things that you can find on Created By Magic’s lovely website and out of all the things on offer it was the one I chose because I hadn’t seen it before from other companies. For the personalised wedding prints you simply supply a decent quality photograph of where you got married (or where you would like to pretend to your posh friends that you got married!!) along with your name, the name of the venue and the date you were wed and they do the rest!

My one arrived within a couple of days of ordering which I thought was pretty speedy for something personalised. It would normally sell for £28 but is currently on offer for £23 and for something pretty unique it feels well worth the price.

Created By Magic also offer personalised prints for loads of different occasions, including lots for little ones’ bedrooms with their names or birthdays along with loads of lovely designs, including robots, rockets, hot air balloons and rainbows. They also offer personalised books for children and soft toys, with prices currently starting from as little as £12, so if you fancy picking up something with a personal touch it’s well worth having a look! The person who owns the company also seems genuinely lovely, so if you need another reason to visit their website then let that be it!

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