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Carpet Cleaning: How to Remove Oil Stains from the Carpet

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Removing oil stains from the carpet is not easy. There are many carpet cleaning techniques, which you have to know in order to cope with the stain. It depends on the:

  • The size of the spot – the damage is incomparable, if you spill a whole bottle of oil on the carpet;
  • Substances with which the pile is stained – butter, vegetable oil, machine oil, cake cream or cosmetic for the face;
  • The time when the carpet is stained – just now or six months ago.

The general rule applies to the oil stain – the sooner it is removed, the better the result. Even a professional carpet cleaner does not always cope with old stains of any origin. The substance penetrates so deeply into the structure of the pile that it cannot be removed.

Preparing to Remove Greasy Stains

Choose the right carpet cleaning product:

1) How to cope with old greasy stains – cover the stained area with a cloth soaked in hot water. Let the pollution get wet. Handmade carpets made of viscose, natural silk or wool do not tolerate wet cleaning. Such coatings cannot be cleaned by yourself, you will ruin them. You should turn to professional carpet cleaning services for help.

A hard dried spot can be scrubbed with the back of a knife before starting work. The goal is to destroy its structure for better removal.

2) Fresh contamination The fresh greasy spot should be blotted immediately with paper napkins and towels. Remember the general rule: arm movements should be up and down, from edge to centre, and not from side to side. Such dynamics will not allow the fat to be smeared over an even larger area. Change towels as long as there are traces of grease on the paper. The domestic carpet cleaning method is relevant when it is necessary to remove sunflower oil, drying oil, or machine oil from the carpet.

Methods for Removing Fresh Greasy Stains from the Carpet

  • Greasy stains are sprinkled with chalk, talc, starch, flour, soda, or fine salt. The powder acts as an absorbent. The area covered with powder is left for 2-8 hours. Then the dirty cleaning agent is swept away with a brush or collected with a vacuum cleaner;
  • You can completely remove cooking oil from the carpet by ironing the stained area with a not too hot iron through clean porous paper. It is important not to scorch or melt the pile. The carpet cleaning procedure is repeated until traces of fat remain on the paper. After that, process the trace of fat with a cloth, dapped in petrol, and then with a cloth with clean water;
  • You can remove the oil from the carpet with regular ethyl or isopril alcohol. A couple of paper towels are moistened with the liquid and placed on the stain. After two minutes, the pile is delicately rubbed. Put wet towels again, and so on. Repeat until the stain disappears. After that, rinse the pile with clean water and let the carpets dry;
  • Liquid dish soap consists of fat-breaking components. Dissolve two teaspoons of soap in a glass of cool water. Whip up the foam, apply it to the dirty area. After half an hour, wipe with a napkin moistened with clean water;
  • Old greasy stains are treated with different cleaning technique. A damp, hot cloth is placed on the dirty area. After 10 minutes, drip a couple of drops of dish soap. Leave for 7-10 minutes (do not allow to dry), then washed with an aqueous solution of ordinary vinegar (1: 1), followed by just cool water.

Although these cleaning methods are quite helpful, sometimes oil stains require a professional approach. Many carpet cleaning London based companies are supplied with powerful equipment and effective cleaning products. What is more, deep carpet cleaning is a procedure that has to be performed at least once a year.

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