Monday, May 27, 2024
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CanvasChamp: Do We Have A Winner?

I’m a big fan of canvasses.

They’re a bit more expensive than a normal poster but they look a lot more impressive up on your wall! And given I currently have a lot of bare walls following our building work it seemed serendipitous when we were offered the chance to review a personalised 16in x 20in canvas from CanvasChamp.

Using the CanvasChamp website is pretty straightforward. They offer a decent range of cushions, calendars, canvasses and prints and the bit I found handy was that you can choose your own custom size, so you can tailor your product to whatever space you want to fill.

Once you’ve picked your product and size you then just upload your photo from you computer, mobile device or social media accounts and you’re pretty much done!

You can ask them to take care of any red eye, or touch up the colours etc for an additional cost and there is a range of thicknesses and hanging devices you can play around with but a basic canvas can be set up and ordered in literally less than a minute!

The other handy part is the fact that the prices are really rather cheap! A basic 8in x 8in canvas is less than £4 and you can get a pretty large 36in x 24in for less than £30.

My design arrived through the post a couple of days after ordering and I was really pleased with the quality. Have a look for yourself:

Clearly the awesomeness of the subject matter helps, but the quality of the print definitely helps as well…

If you’re in the market for a good quality, affordable canvas it’s well worth checking out the CanvasChamp website.

We were given this canvas for the purpose of the review. All views are my own.

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